Swimming on the “second best” beach on Malta (day 5/7)

Honeymoon is now a distant memory, but I still didn’t finish writing about it. Kinda got stuck at day 4. I will try to do it in the next two weeks, or at least before our next trip in March… Continue reading “Swimming on the “second best” beach on Malta (day 5/7)”

Spare ribs in Valletta (day 2/7)

Good morning, day 2 of our honeymoons on Malta. If you missed day 1, click here. But, was it really a good morning? If you looked at the weather, hell no! It was raining. There was also thunder. And lightning!

It finally stopped around midday and we flew out of the apartment like rockets. No, we didn’t, we’re too old for that… But we were finally rested, after like a year? Continue reading “Spare ribs in Valletta (day 2/7)”

Little birthday getaway

February is usually the time of the year when people go skiing. Us? Well we don’t, the last time I skied, ok snowboarded, was more than 5 years ago. Tjaša probably doesn’t remember when her last time on skies was.

Nop, we had other winter plans, other plans for Maj’s first holiday. We went to Croatian seaside, to Rovinj to be exact. Continue reading “Little birthday getaway”