10 necessities for traveling with a toddler

We just came back from holidays in Spain, a week ago (it’s a month now, so now you know how long it took to post this post), and I decided to do a post about the most important things when traveling with a toddler (mostly also applies to babies). Continue reading “10 necessities for traveling with a toddler”


Spare ribs in Valletta (day 2/7)

Good morning, day 2 of our honeymoons on Malta. If you missed day 1, click here. But, was it really a good morning? If you looked at the weather, hell no! It was raining. There was also thunder. And lightning!

It finally stopped around midday and we flew out of the apartment like rockets. No, we didn’t, we’re too old for that… But we were finally rested, after like a year? Continue reading “Spare ribs in Valletta (day 2/7)”