My TOP 5 hotels

First holiday of the year. We’re in Rovinj again. Family hotel Amarin, 3rd year in the row, but first time as family of four.

While checking in, I counted that this is my 5th hotel in last 2 months. I spent almost 1/3 of the time in hotels lately…

I started to think about all of the other hotels I’ve been in and decided it would be fun to make my TOP 5.

So, without further ado, here it is:

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Little birthday getaway

February is usually the time of the year when people go skiing. Us? Well we don’t, the last time I skied, ok snowboarded, was more than 5 years ago. TjaĊĦa probably doesn’t remember when her last time on skies was.

Nop, we had other winter plans, other plans for Maj’s first holiday. We went to Croatian seaside, to Rovinj to be exact. Continue reading “Little birthday getaway”