My TOP 5 hotels

First holiday of the year. We’re in Rovinj again. Family hotel Amarin, 3rd year in the row, but first time as family of four.

While checking in, I counted that this is my 5th hotel in last 2 months. I spent almost 1/3 of the time in hotels lately…

I started to think about all of the other hotels I’ve been in and decided it would be fun to make my TOP 5.

So, without further ado, here it is:

No. 5


It was too hard to decided between these two, so we have a tie at fifth place.

Sheraton in München is where we spent our first new year together. That was almost exactly 10 years ago. Even though I don’t remember that much anymore, what did stay in my head was the spa on top, some 20+ floors up, with a small “balcony” to go out and see the whole city and even Allianz Arena in the distance.

Sotelia hotel in Podcetrtek is part of terme Olimia, with best wellnes in Slovenia (in our opinion), so there is already a first plus. Hotel itself is ok, I wasn’t that impressed with food… So why is it on the list? It’s the room! We splashed some money on a room with jacuzzi and water bed. It was pretty spectacular and if you go there, think about it!

No. 4


When it oppened in 2011, it was the only 5 star, design hotel in Croatia. We spent a night here, 3 years ago. It was Majs first holiday actually. I even blogged about it, here.

So, back to hotel, exactly what you would expect from a 5 star design hotel. It looks amazing, rooms are amazing, spa could be a bit bigger though. Breakfast was good and we had good but way overpriced dinner in the restaurant, which brings us to the only down side. The price. Hotel is made for “the privileged” people aka. people with lots of money. We’ve got a good, but still expensive deal in off season. Would be really hard on the wallet, to have longer holidays here in summer.

No. 3


Hotel, where we really wanted to stay a night longer, but we already had reservation on Malta main island, that we couldn’t cancel. Shame…

This hotel, on Maltas less known island Gozo, made a big impression on us. Located in the center of town Victoria, with a nice view on one of the main attractions here – Cittadella.

It was again the room, or better yet, our own jacuzzi on the terrace, that made a lasting impression. It was nice watching stars straight from jacuzzi.

Oh, you can also see it in the vlog – here and here.

No. 2


Our winter destination for the last 3 years and probably for the future 5-6 to come…

Perfect hotel for families, quite new, amazing architecture, great park with lots of playgrounds, plenty play areas for kids inside. Food is great, rooms are great, only spa/inside pool area could be a bit bigger, but that’s the only down side actually.

We’re big fans of this place.

No. 1


Boy oh boy, what an experience that was. It costed us a small fortune, but still tottaly worth it.

From check in, to the room (jacuzzi on the balcony again), pool, spa, breakfast…

Talking about breakfast, best scrambled eggs ever! Plus 5 or 6 different types of freshly squeezed juice…

It’s hard to describe it with words, just check Lanzarote vlogs for better picture, here.

Maj’s age: 3.3

Naja’s age: almost 4 months

Side note #1: I swear, next post is gonna be all Naja. Promise!