Ready for round two?

Here we are again. 2 years, 11 months and 9 days later.

LKH Feldbach is the location. Couple of rooms down the hall, I don’t remember exactly which room it was back then.

It was almost the same as then, arrive till 7AM, get in, get out, done.

This time 8 minutes earlier as it was almost 3 years ago.

1cm bigger and around 150g heavier. Almost identical face and a bit shorter, but same colored hair.

If you still don’t know what I’m writing about, listen up.

We’ve got a second baby.

Plot twist!

It’s a girl this time.

So basically, we’re starting from scratch.

I imagine it is like switching from a rally car to formula 1 or vice versa. It’s still racing, but really different.

Naja is the name.

Tjasa read somewhere, that Naja means “boys little sister”, which is pretty convinient, since she has a bigger brother.

Talking about Maj, I changed the name of the blog from Maj Perspective to Vlogging dad, since he’s not the only “star” of the show anymore. I know he’ll be happy to share the spotlight with his little sister.

That’s all for now folks. Short update till new post comes. Blog is getting a boost, hopefully time will allow me to write a bit more. Luckily, winter is coming, with shorter days, less garden work…

Maj’s age: cca. 2 weeks till 3

Naja’s age: 109 hours

Side note #1: it’s now been 5-6 months since our trip to Berlin, and I still haven’t started with the vlog… Pretty standard, coming soon.

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