Where to go from here?

It’s been a “slow” couple of months, blog wise and vlog wise…

Life kinda cought up. Maj will be 2 years old soon, which means he’s moving, a lot, and needs constant attention.

I did post a new vlog last Sunday (below) and wanted to do another one this week, but for the reason stated above, I didn’t. There will be new video on YouTube next Sunday!

Also, since the last post in April, spring came and after that summer, which meant less computer, more outside time, holidays,…

If you add time for work, something had to be put on the sideline. Unfortunatly, not work.

Where to go from here?

If you’re a blogger or a vlogger yourself, you know how important it is, putting out new content day after day, week after week. Once you take a longer break, it’s hard to get back to same results, “thanks” to social media algorithms.

I kinda accepted the fact, that I won’t be able to do both blogs plus a vlog on regular basis. No, let me rephrase that. I accepted the fact, that I won’t be able to do any, of those, on a regular basis.

But I will continue doing them on a “time permitted” basis. It might happen, that summer months will be “dry”, as it was this year, but I’ll try to catch up in fall/winter.

So yeah, next months might be a bit more active on the vlog (spoiler alert, second honeymoons are coming), and there is so much, that happened since the last post, to write about, so no worries for the blog either.

As for my first blog – London for every pocket, which is still producing really good results by the way, despite being totally “dead” – it’s London, there’s always something to write about.

And that’s it, we’re not going anywhere. If you want to follow our adventures, hit that like button on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Instagram, maybe even on Twitter (don’t like it really, so not so active).

If you like London, are travelling to London or maybe you are London (wtf?) – like London for every pocket/London za vsak ลพep on Facebook or Instagram.

Toddlers age: 23 months in 4 hours

Side note #1: Thinking about using “Vlogging dad” for Vlog and blog, to make it more connected and recognizable? Since blog is not Maj only content, it would kinda mae sense… What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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