10 necessities for traveling with a toddler

We just came back from holidays in Spain, a week ago (it’s a month now, so now you know how long it took to post this post), and I decided to do a post about the most important things when traveling with a toddler (mostly also applies to babies).

Little background story, this was Maj’s third and fourth flight at the age of 17 months (I had to wait till my 18th year for my first). It was a bit different this time, Maj was walking, moving, he eats real food and needs more entertainment than when he was 7 months old,… With that, planning and packing for a trip changes a bit.

Let’s get down to business.

  1. Airplane seat! Exclamation mark is intentional here. I know, it’s not something you pack, but it’s the most important thing after deciding where to go. It’s OK to have a baby in your lap, till he’s not moving much. Once, moving is all he does, open your wallet and spend little extra for an extra seat. You’ll thank me, your plain neighbor too. We were cheap and didn’t buy it, never again.
  2. Desinfection wipes. Airplanes are dirty, that’s a fact. There is probably more bacteria than on the toilet (I heard there’s more on our phones too, which is super disgusting). But I totally understand that, they only have, what, like 10 minutes to clean the whole plane before the next flight. I would like to see you do a better job. And for this reason, it’s always good to have desinfection wipes with you. Tjasa should get some commission from Ryanair, for cleaning our seats and everything in Maj’s reachable distance.
  3. The normal(?) wet wipes. Because toddlers eat real food and they eat it with their hands and they are not really good at it… That means a lot of cleaning. Of course you can use them when changing diapers, or when you get dirty or something is dirty too. Wet wipes are like your best friend.
  4. Stroller (or a baby carrier). Let’s face it, if you let them walk, you’ll get nowhere. They will get dirty, they will be hungry and thirsty (see the tip above), they’ll become sleepy, but worry not, you’ll probably still be in reachable distance to your hotel or apartment. That’s why a stroller. We also have a baby carrier, but I was never really fond of it. As long as it gets you moving, take whatever you like the most. For those that don’t know it yet, you can take a stroller on a plane free of charge.
  5. Toys. But not just any toys, take those, you know he likes. Traveling is not a time for experimenting. Take couple of them for a little variation. What we also did, just to “spice things up”, we went to a toy store in the middle of our holiday and let him choose one toy by himself. He loves to play with it even today.
  6. Medications and stuff. Hopefully you won’t need them, but just to be sure. Take those most commonly needed, like meds for fewer, thermometer and something to clean the nose.
  7. Clothes. Well, duuhhh… You won’t forget the clothes, but what I mean here is, think what kind of clothes your kid needs. For example, if it was up to me, we wouldn’t be taking jackets with us this time. We’re going to Spain after all and it’s March already, right? Wrong. Although I mostly didn’t need the jacket (just that one stupid rainy day in Madrid), kids are different and need more clothes. So yeah, think about that, better to take more and not need it, then taking too little and getting your kids sick. Oh, and layers. Dress them with layers so you can gradually undress them, when it gets warmer.
  8. Diapers, if you’re toddler still uses them, of course. You won’t forget diapers, I know that, and this is more of a space saving tip. If your not picky about the type of diaper, just bring a few and buy cheaper ones at location. Diapers really take up a lot of space, specially if you’re going for more than just a couple of days.
  9. Snacks, plenty of snacks. You know for the times, your kid is moody or hungry or just like that. You can go healthy or not, I won’t judge…
  10. Plan. Last but not the least, go with a plan. Over are the days, when you just went on a plane, pop into a couple of hotels/hostels and do whatever you wanted. You can’t do that with baby/toddler… Where to change diapers, where to eat, places with activities for kids,… It’s also good to have accommodation booked, with crib and high chair.

That’s basically it. My 10 tips to make your trip with toddler easier.

If you want to see, how our trip to Spain went, 5 of 8 parts of the vlog are already on YouTube. I’ll link first part below, and you can go on from there. Make sure to check them out!

Babies age: 559 days


Side note #1: Blogging is a bit on the sideline at the moment, I was sucked into all this Vlogging thing, so don’t call this a comeback yet. But I’ll do a post from time to time still.

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