The Vlog – Season 2

It’s been 3 months now, since I uploaded the last vlog. Time flies, I know.

But, have no fear, the vlog is back!

I just uploaded vlog #22 today, the first vlog of 2018 and also the first vlog of the new season.

Sounds kinda funny, vlog with seasons…

I wanted to explain in this post, the thinking and the logic behind all that.

First thing first, vlogs won’t be “live” anymore. Huh, what? I won’t be uploading vlogs on the day they happened anymore.

The reason is pretty simple, since most of the vlogs are from our travels, I spend quite some time editing on holidays, which means staying up really late and being tired the next day. No more of that.

Instead, the vlogs are gonna turn into a mimi series, with one episode each week (most probably Sunday). I’ll try to do it every week till the end of the year. Good luck with that.

Secondly, since I won’t be editing on the go anymore, I’m editing on my laptop again. It’s fun being mobile, but there are so many restrictions.

With that, there is also a lot of “in video” stuff changing, like addition of music, new title font, there’s an outro screen,…

So, that basically sums it up. I’m really looking forward to capturing memories and upgrading my shooting/editing skills.

Enjoy the new season! Don’t forget to subscribe, new episode every week. Probably. Except when were traveling. Or…

By the way, 100 subscribers on YouTube! Hurray!

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