Christmas, Update, Confession, Star Wars, Giveaway…

Is it just me, or did December just fly by? Absolutely nothing happened on the blog in the last month. There was just no time. Working in retail in December does that to you. I’m glad it’s almost over.

The tittle is kinda all over the place, so let’s just get started.I wanted to write a quick update when Maj turned 14 months, but then it would look like a monthly review and I said I’m done with those… Here’s a quick update.

MAJ IS WALKING. Two weeks ago, he was still holding on to things when standing. Fast forward to today and it’s hard to keep him on the ground. It went so fast. From just trying to stand up without support, to walking around the whole living room/dining room/kitchen area with no help at all in less than two weeks. That’s that, big news from month 14. He also walked outside today, for the first time. 5 meters and straight on the knees in the mud…

Oh, another big news, Maj is playing basketball. Ok, not playing as dribbling and shooting from downtown, but he has this little basket and he is throwing the ball in. Nothing but net! Watch out NBA.

We didn’t do anything special for Christmas. I actually managed to get sick on the last day before holidays. It was still nice to be home for three days straight. Don’t know when that happened the last time.

Even though the whole month had a work-home-sleep routine, I (we) did manage to do a Christmas video. It was an idea that came in my head, after I bought used BB-8 droid. I know I was looking at them last year and they were 200€? I got one, almost new, for 40€.

And we did a video with it. It didn’t turn out exactly as in my head, but Tjasa laughed, so I guess it’s cool.

So, watch it, please, give thumbs up, comments, share… I know it won’t go viral, but getting to 1000 views maybe?

Confession time. I bought this robot, even though I’m not a Star Wars fan. I actually never saw a Star Wars movie, until today. I decided I’ll give it a go and watch Episode IV A New Hope. Damn the movie is old (1977) but I liked it. Already downloaded The Empire Strikes Back and can’t wait to watch it.

Now we’re at the part, that probably made you click this post, Giveaway.

It’s still kinda Christmas time and I’m in a giving mood so here’s a chance to get a part of history, the star of our Christmas video, BB-8 droid by Sphero. I kinda don’t see the point of having it, it’s really hard to control it, I’m not a real Star Wars fan and Maj would probably destroy it, so here’s your chance. It won’t be easy though. I decided I’m only giving it away if the video gets to 2017 views. Why 2017? Well, the year is ending and I thought it would be an appropriate number…

And who is eligible to get it? Everyone, who will comment under the video on YouTube. Plus, you have to be subscribed to the channel in the time of picking the winner. Liking and sharing the video doesn’t hurt either…

So start clicking and may the force be with you!

Babies age: 14 months, 9 days

Side note #1: I didn’t tell you Merry Christmas, Sorry about that.

Side note #2: Happy new year in case I don’t write anymore this year.

Side note #3: What are your plans for New Years eve?

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