Malta to Gozo (day 4/7)

Middle point of our honeymoon, day 4 is upon us.

It was time to say goodbye to our first apartment, say goodbye to Malta Island and move to Maltas second (or third?) Island, Gozo.

The weather was, again, bad. Little rain, some winds which multiplied when we came to ferry terminal.

There was severe weather warning in the morning with thunderstorms and everything. We still wanted to visit the red tower, but once there, the receptionist (?) warned us about the danger of going up there and we decided to come back on our way home.

Ferry connecting Cirkewwa (Malta) with Gozo runs every half an hour. Ticket to Gozo is free, but you have to pay to get back to Malta, so… We just missed one ship, so we grabbed some coffee and food and waited in the car, looking at the moving lampposts. Wind was crazy!

We boarded the ferry, went on deck, and were greeted by even more wind. Ferry ride, that takes you past Comino island, lasted about half an hour.

Once on Gozo, we immediately noticed the difference. The island looked clean, the roads were good (at least the one going from ferry to Victoria), it felt good to be here. Even the weather improved a little bit.

Because our hotel check in was at 2PM, and we arrived at 10AM, we decided to visit the place where Azure window used to be. Yes, if you didn’t know yet, the most famous (?) thing on Malta crashed into the sea in March this year.

Although it’s gone, it’s still a very popular tourist spot. On the left side, there is a beautiful bay with turquoise water and an interesting rock island right in front of it. The rock also has an interesting name, Fungus rock.

Fungus rock

On the right side of where the Azure window used to be, there is an inland sea. Water comes through a cave in the rocks separating the inland from the sea and creates a pond. There aren’t a couple of vacation homes (not sure if they are vacation homes) around it. It looks pretty cool.

We spent quite some time here, enough that we could go straight to hotel and check in. We decided, since it was our honeymoon, to spoil ourselves for one night. We booked a room in a Duke Boutique hotel in Victoria. The room had a jacuzzi on the terrace!

But it was not the time to relax yet. I wanted to check out Victoria, the capital of Gozo. Tjasa would rather stay in room, but for some reason, I won. I’m still shocked.

The main attraction of Victoria is cathedral on top of the city. Entry was free, the view from it was pretty spectacular, and that was about it. The rest of the city can be seen in 15 minuets.

We were hungry and wineless, so we headed towards Lidl, which we saw on the way here.

Equipped with some snacks and wine, we went back to hotel. We decided on ordering room service from the restaurant in the bottom floor of the hotel. The food was good and it was almost time for the most exciting part of the day, jacuzzi.

We stayed in there till about 2 in the morning. It even started raining in between, but it was awsome.

That’s it, day 4 over.

Babies age: 1 year, 2 months, 9 days

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