Update 1.1.3

I know, I know… I said monthly reviews are done. So, that’s not a monthly review. It’s just a quick update, like IOS updates and stuff.

I just had a little time to spare, since Tjasa and Maj are asleep. Maj got fever yesterday and kinda ruined our plans for the weekend. We think it’s the teeth…

Speaking about teeth, he had like none, a month ago, but at the moment he already has three, with another three on the way. I would have a fever too if three teeth were trying to puncture through my gums.

Another thing worth mentioning, walking. He’s still not walking by himself, but by the looks of it, he’s really, really close. He has that lawnmower looking thing, which is like walking aid, and he’s racing around the room with it.

He even stands by himself sometimes, when he’s diverted, until he realizes it and bumps on the floor. Any day now.

What else?

We’ve got pictures from Maj’s first birthday photo shoot! The one above the tittle is one of them. Another one is on Instagram, check it out! Photos were, again, made by Zcuker. The same as this photos and our wedding photos.

Fun fact: If you open Zcukr page, the first photo on it is Maj! If you wait a little, or if you click right, the second photo is also Maj! That’s the life, if you’re so cute 😀

Halloween was somewhere in between. It was Maj’s second and he was Dracula this year, but feel asleep before going trick or treating. We did manage to make a vlog. Did you see it yet?

We made another vlog after that about Movember. I made some “daring” challenges in which I’m failing miserably. Check it out.

His favorite toy at the moment is a ball, which makes his dad (that’s me) really proud. I can already see us playing football and basketball in the future.

I’ve read an interesting blog post this week, on a fellow dad blogger blog, about when to start your kids with different sports. You can read it here. Not sure about that MMA part though, but good job Father-Hood.co.uk!

Almost forgot, Maj learned to clap! It’s the cuttest thing ever. Although he claps for everything now. Even if you ask him how big he is, on which he would extend his arms in the past. He just claps now…

That’s about it for this update. Like all updates, it’s never really done and always needs some tweaks. Just ask the guys at Apple or Windows…

BIG UPDATE from today!

Even though he’s sick and has 38.8°C fever, Maj just made his first two steps, without any help. Told you, any day now. More to follow.

Babies age: 399 days

Side note #1: As already mentioned on one of the blog posts, I was nominated for Liebster award, and now I have to nominate someone. If you want to be nominated, leave your link in comments and I’ll check it out!

Side note #2: We were in cinema after a long time this week (or was it last week?). We watched Murder on Orient express. It was okay I guess. Expected more from the cast though… MP score: 6/10

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