Driving on the left (day 3/7)

Here we are, day three already. Do you know when they say “time flies”? When I’m on holidays, it doesn’t just feel like flying, it feels more like time travel…

Anyways, day three was finally the day that we’re getting our rental. I kinda didn’t check where our rental company was located when booking, and found out the day before that it’s on the other side of the island. Luckily, they were kind enough to come and pick us up for a reasonable fee. The rental company is Compass car hire, they are located in Buggibba and had only good reviews on TripAdvisor. They were also the cheapest of them all (18€ per day for the smallest car).

“Golden rocket” aka Hyundai Getz

We’ve got our car, golden Hyundai Getz, signed the papers and were on our way. Ok, not exactly on our way yet. I had to familiarize myself with shift gear on the left and turn signals handle on the right. I was constantly turning on windscreen wipers instead of those. Oh, and there was also a little problem called driving on the left.

Our first destination of the day was Dragonara cave. If there’s one advice I can give you on traveling to Malta, is that: do not, I repeat, do NOT use IOS or Google maps. We were and they just didn’t want to stick to Malta’s only “highway”. I wrote like that because it is a 4 lane road but the maximum speed is 80km/h. Maps took us on a more scenic route, on probably the worst roads I’ve seen in my life. If that would be my car, there just no way I would drive there.

Luckily, we had our golden rocket which brought us to our first destination. Weather was “shit” and we were the only ones there. Short 5 minutes walk and we were standing above a magnificent cave. People tend to jump from the top when the weather is nice. Not today though.

We heard some gun shots and started running. They were right behind us… Just kidding, we did hear gun shots and saw some men carrying hunting rifles but they were probably hunters. We didn’t stick around though, just to be on the safe side.

It started raining heavily, but I was optimistic that it’s gonna stop when we get to our second stop. Popeye village. Ex movie scene (Popeye 1980, starring Robin Williams), turned into an amusement park.

It was still raining so we decided to wait in Popeye cafe. And we waited. About an hour and a half later, it finally stopped raining. We bought tickets, quite expensive might I add, and went in. We weren’t impressed. Don’t want to be mean to this place because it looks great on photos. I’m even sure it is a great place in sunny weather. You’ve got this decks for sunbathing, you can swim in a crystal water and there is this Hollywood like village. But if you take the first two things away and are left only with a village and a handful of visitors, well it’s not that appealing.

Where them biceps at Popeye?

Hour later we were back on one of the worst roads ever. It’s like they are competing which one will be the worst.

We arrived in Mdina, an old city on the hill. Weather was still bad so we made a quick round, stopped for lunch, and continued our journey. Highlight of Mdina for me was an restored Ford Mustang, which I found right outside the main gate. Still a dream for me, droll…

Last stop of the day were the Dingli cliffs. From where we’re were looking, and we went to like three different spots, those weren’t cliffs like you see in Ireland… Maybe if we would go down the hill, we would see them, but we were too lazy for that and the weather was still bad-ish. We did see some destroyed cars on the bottom of the “hill”, scary stuff.

That was kind of it for day three.

I almost forgot, another story from IOS-Google-devil connection.

On the way home, when we were finally on the “highway”, maps wanted us to go off in the roundabout. Yes, roundabout in the middle of highway. Of course there was none and there was also no exits. To make this long story short, the highway part is new and right above the old road. We tried to come home on our own, but every road was either a one way street or dead end or… Fun times.

Babies age: 1 year, 28 days

Side note #1: if you’ve missed day one, click here, and for day two, here.

Side note #2: as mentioned in one of previous blogs, we were nominated for Liebster award, and now I have to nominate someone. If you think your blog should be nominated, post the link in comments.

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11 thoughts on “Driving on the left (day 3/7)

  1. I know how you feel. I moved to Malta and I think I will not drive a car here. Firstly, because of the drivers and secondly, because of driving on the left. It’s disaster.


  2. I’m glad you found your way back home. I know how annoying Google Maps can be with IOS, sometimes I’m yelling at my phone because it’s saying things that aren’t there (f.e. Like you had with the roundabout on that highway)


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