Spare ribs in Valletta (day 2/7)

Good morning, day 2 of our honeymoons on Malta. If you missed day 1, click here. But, was it really a good morning? If you looked at the weather, hell no! It was raining. There was also thunder. And lightning!

It finally stopped around midday and we flew out of the apartment like rockets. No, we didn’t, we’re too old for that… But we were finally rested, after like a year?Opposed to any other trip, we were still totally unprepared. The only plan was to go to Valletta and check it out. So, how do we get there? Luckily, there is a public transport app, Tallinja, for phones, that showed us where the bus stops are and which bus to take. Traveling is so much easier now, with smartphones, than it was without them.

Bus ride is 2€ (that is summer fare, winter is cheaper at 1.50€ and night service is 3€) and you can basically go anywhere on the island for that price. Did I understand that right Maltese people?

10 minutes later, we’re already at the main entrance to Valletta. Everything is closed down, construction noise everywhere. Of course they are working on something. It’s like everywhere we go, one of the main attractions is a work in progress.

We (well I) decided to follow the guide book ,that our apartment host left us. Through the entrance, left, up the stairs and then somehow around the whole peninsula. We just went as our guts told us after that.

Modern art in Valletta

We wondered through the streets of Valletta and I do have to admit, it’s a picturesque city. Sand colored building, colorful windows, narrow streets that go up and down. Then there’s British influence with red phone booths and post boxes.

Food tip! We were going from menu to menu in almost every restaurant in Valletta. We sat down at the place called StrEat Whisky & Bistro. It’s on one of the main squares (it’s big, so I’m guessing it’s main?). I’m a big ribs fan. Spare, baby back, any kind actually, and when I saw Jack Daniels ribs on the menu, there was no way back. They were amazing! So soft, tasteful, and the portion. I opted for a half but even that was too much, for a normal person. I ate it whole.

We spent the whole day (well, afternoon) walking around, and I think we saw all the important parts. Upper Barrakka gardens, Saint John’s Co-Cathedral (only from the outside of course), the church of Saint Paul (also outside)…

All the other top attractions in Valletta are mainly museums and we’re not a big museum fans, but one (world war II history) in Fort Saint Elmo, looked ok from the outside. We came there exactly on time. Of closing. They literally closed the door in front of our noses. Be careful if planning a visit, because they are closing at 4PM. Museums are just not meant for us I guess.

We were back at the Valletta entrance/exit around 8PM. Tired and thirsty, we found out that the grocery stores (they don’t really know supermarkets or shopping centers) close at 7PM. We’re kinda spoiled here, with almost all stores opened till 9.

We got coke from Burger King and back to the bus.

We managed to find two private stores, that were still opened, on the Silema/Gzira side, bought the most necessary things, sweets and wine, and called it a day.

Babies age: 1 year, 6 days

Side note #1: Maj Perspective is nominated for 2017 Liebster award! Pretty awesome right? Have to write a post about it soon.

Side note #2: Maj turned 1 last week and Tjaša went back to work. That post is also coming. I promise!

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