Our rainy honeymoon on Malta (day 1/7)

I always wanted to write a travel blog, but never actually came to it. I thought it will be ok, if I squeeze it in here, on Maj Perspective. It’s my blog, I can do what I want 🙂

So without further ado, here is part one of our Malt experience. Our “honeymoon” getaway, which we decided needs to be repeated, somewhere where they have sun 24/7 (I know that’s not possible…).

Malta, an island south of Italy, last land before Africa. Not the “top of the list” destination (I only know 5 people who were there before). Maybe next 7 posts will persuade someone, into putting Malta on that list. Or maybe not?

Where to start? We flew, as hundred times before (exaggerated) from Treviso, with Ryanair, of course. Still don’t see the point of using non low-cost airlines on short flights. Return tickets were around 70€ per person, which is really solid price in my opinion.

The biggest difference to all our previous trips was how we got to Treviso airport. We choose GoOpti. We used it only once before, when we went to New York in 2013. They were still a relatively new company back then and their prices were ok. Since then, every time we checked, prices were blown out of proportions. I kinda put them on the “asshole” list and didn’t even check them anymore. Until this year. Because we were flying out from Treviso and coming in to Venice, there was a small problem from logistical point of view. I checked GoOpti and was surprised by the low price. It was actually cheaper than going with a car.

I started to think that GoOpti will become a legit option again. The drive there was ok (slept throughout), but on the way back… I almost liked them again. Almost. You’ll find out why in part 7 of this mini series.

If you register with GoOpti through this link, you’ll get 5€ bonus. And so will we. If we’ll use them ever again… They are ok if you’re lucky.

Moving on, it’s nice going from 7°C to 20°C+ in less than 2 hours, especially in October.

Malta Luqa airport is small-ish, arrivals and departures area is mixed and only stickers on the ground lead you to exit. There, an “Your adventure starts here” signs awaits. Excited!

We had a private transportation booked, because we’re too old to do public transport… The guy driving was Maltese Ken Block and Michael Schumacher in one person. That dude knew only speed and bus lane and he drove on the LEFT! His steering wheel was on the right!?! If someone wants the experience, I still have his card.

We arrived at our first of three apartments/hotels in one piece. We booked first apartment through Airbnb. We’ve been using it for a long time now, in fact this was our 13th booking there. Never had a single problem. Highly recommend it. If you aren’t registered yet, you can do it through this link and get 30€ bonus for your first trip. You’re welcome 🙂

The apartment was in Gzira. Still not sure if that’s a city or a part of city… Valletta and surrounding cities are so close together that you can’t tell what is what. All I know is Gzira has it’s own football club that was leading the league when we were there. They also have a big club house with restaurant called “Paparazzi 29 Clubhouse” where we also had lunch this day. Food was ok, portions huge, beer was good, thumbs up.

We came totally unprepared and the first day was more “go with the flow”. Between getting married and work, there was just no time to prepare.. We went to Manoel island with “dead end” Marina. When we came to the end it started raining. You can imagine Tjasa’s excitement. Yachts there though…

A word about Manoel Island. The famous fort is closed, bought by a private company. There is no way getting in except for special occasions. The only way to admire this quite amazing building is from Valletta.

After lunch (rain stopped), we went for a walk along Gzira-Silema water front (20min) to Tigne point where you have a great view on Valletta (highly recommend it). Really great. There were a lot of yachts and sail boats coming in and it was just fun to watch, take couple of pictures… The weather became sunny too and it was an awesome end of day.

Not quite the end. On the way back we found Cinnabon which went great with a bottle of wine. Don’t be judgmental, it was our honeymoon.

If you don’t feel like reading, you can just see the vlog (and I tell you that at the end of the post, jerk).

Babies age: 2 days to 1 year!!!

Side note #1: You’ve been to Malta yet? It feels like there are only English people there…

Side note #2: We knew they were driving on the left. I just wanted to add a little “drama” to the post.

Side note #3: Part 2, where weather just goes “F**k you” coming soon.

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    1. It’s, I don’t know… When we were there, I wasn’t that impressed, but thinking about it, it’s a cool island. My impressions would be better if the weather would play along probably…

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