At the time of writing, we’re waiting on “the tarmac”, Treviso airport, on the way to our honeymoons.

Yes, we got married last weekend!

Where to? For those who don’t know yet, you’ll have to wait for the vlog. Yes the vlog is coming back. Not sure if every day or every other day, but it’s back.

I wanted to write a little about our wedding, but first, I have to mention the last weekend of our “single” life. I must. It was amazing.

It started on Friday, September 15th. Guys ambushed me when I came home from work and took me out for a bachelor party. I’m not really a fan of, but they made it cool. Nothing wild, just my best friends (- my best man who got sick), eating, drinking and having fun. Thanks again for that!

I woke up next day around noon with a minor hangover and the next highlight was only a couple of hours away. The Rolling Stones concert in Spielberg, Austria. Even though it was raining almost the whole week before and even half of the way there,  the sun came out as we were nearing the venue. Yes, we were knee deep in mud, but it was still one of the best experiences in my life.

Sunday came and that meant Finals of European basketball championship. Slovenia vs Serbia. Two ex Yugo nations against each other. We won! We f***ing WON! Slovenia is European champion in basketball!

Oh yeah, Tjasa had her bachelorette party somewhere in between too.

So, yeah, great last single weekend. Agree?

Moving forward, Saturday, September 23rd. The day of our wedding. It was exactly as I always dreamed it would be. Just kidding, I never thought about it really, except for the last week maybe?

But I will say this. I wasn’t really for such “big” weeding (with big I mean getting a place, band, photographer, camera man, two more singers,…). My head was more cheap-oriented, like going to that place where you get married and then just having a picnic. Tjasa didn’t want to hear about it and I’m really, really grateful for that.

It was perfect. Location, music, photographer, camera man, food, wine, even the weather. It was just meant to be like that.

I know I wasn’t really helpful in preparations for the wedding and I’m sorry about it, but you did a hell of a job Tjasa Mocnik. And I know I said before the wedding, never again, now, I would gladly do it all over again with you.

We’re in the air now, didn’t sleep much tonight, so I might take a quick nap before we land.

Did I mention that we’re traveling without Maj? I know, I kind of miss him already.

Babies age: 11 months, 2 weeks

Side note #1: Month 11 review is coming. No worries.

Side note #2: That technology though… Blogging on a plane…

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