The 9

Yes, it’s been that long. Thanks to my speedy writing, Maj has now been on the outside longer than on the inside. You know what I mean right?

Ok, to be fair, even if this would be posted exactly when he was 9 months old, it would still be the same first sentence, since he came out a little earlier…

So, yes, 9 months have passed and it’s time for a new monthly review.

In terms of Maj’s development and learning curve, it was the most successful month by far.

I’m gonna focus on three things this time.

Eating, talking (well, making noises) and crawling.

Let’s start with maybe the most important one. Eating.

It was only 2 weeks ago when Maj was still a “boobacholic” (don’t know if that’s a word, but you get the point). Everything else brought weird look on his face.

Than all of a sudden, couple of days before our holidays, he started eating real food. Weird looks were gone. Solid food wasn’t jumping out of his mouth anymore.

I know our holiday is already in month 10, but I’ll include it here. Maj is eating like crazy at the moment. It’s hard to keep up with him. As soon as you feed him one spoon, his mouth are already open and waiting for the next one. Ridiculous.

Part 2. “Talking”

Of course he’s not talking for real yet. Did you ever see a 9 month old baby talking? But he did start to babble a lot. More or less you don’t understand. It’s 99.9% you don’t understand.

But there is a word he’s constantly repeating. It’s not dad or daddy… It’s mama. Sometimes it’s mamamamama, other times amamam, but we think he figured out that those sounds get him food or mom.

So yeah, first word? Yes? No? I’ll let you decide.

Funny little remark from Tjasa. Apparently, our son sounds like Pikachu….

Moving on to the last point, crawling. Maybe I should just write moving…

Maj went from just rolling around, to crawling, to trying to stand up in a month. Sitting is also not a problem anymore. It’s like he got tired of being carried or driven around and just said “fuck it, I’m speeding things up”.

Slow down little man.

Did you know, that this month was the first time, that I didn’t see Maj for more than half a day. It was 64 hours to be exact. I wrote about it here.

Almost forgot to do a “tech” review.

The computers are taking over. The 9.0 version got an important hardware upgrade and can now move around freely. Like a robot or a droid. It’s fast and agile but still a little clumsy at times. It also intakes more solid data than before. There is also a new app that is constantly trying to communicate with the outside world. No one understands it yet but technicians are working hard on it day and night.

Babies age: 9 months, 10 days

Side note #1: Am I the only one that gets extremely lazy on holidays? Like really badly lazy? For example, I was postponing writing this post for more than a week now. I had all the time in the world for it…

Side note #2: Forgot to mention that we moved to a house this month. That’s kinda big thing in life right? Probably won’t remember his first home though… (might do a post about moving sometimes in the future)

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