That time of the year 

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

No, it’s not Christmas yet, still couple of months left. I’m talking about summer holidays. 2 weeks of doing almost nothing. I was always good at it.

As the other 70-80% of Slovenians, we’re going to Croatia. Year after year after year. I don’t care about politics, I can’t imagine summer somewhere else. Sandy beaches with million people in Spain? Overrated prices in France? Or dirty beaches in Montenegro? No thanks. We’ve visited many places but nothing comes close to Croatian coast.

We set up a campaign trail near Zadar last year and that’s where we are this year too. And probably a lot of years in the future…

It’s hell of a lot different this year though. It’s obvious why, right? Yes, Maj. We can’t be so careless anymore. There’s a living being that needs to be taken care of and not in the “take him for a walk and give him food/water” way.

But is it really that much different?

Well, yes and no. To be honest, I expected more changes.

Like sleeping, yes we’re waking up once or twice a night but that’s Maj’s standard. We’re used to that. What is not his standard is sleeping time. At home, we’re lucky if he sleeps till seven, so I was ready for early mornings, walk with Louie and Maj so Tjaša could sleep in.

Didn’t happen in the first two days, it’s like Maj switched to vacation mode and is sleeping till 9 now.

Than there’s going to the beach. We usually went to the beach around noon. Though this is gonna change now, since sun is so harmful and stuff… But no, we bought that beach tent thing, where Maj can be in shade all day and Tjaša can burn on sun. It’s actually all three of us in the tent now…

Maj is also pretty occupied with all the stones on the beach, so we even have time to read (or write a blog).

Only noticeable thing is, that with all that diaper changing, feeding, bathing and entertaining a 9 months old baby, there is a little less time to just chill.

That plus we can’t do anything as a couple anymore. You know, normal stuff like swimming… It’s alone or the three of us.

Babies age: 9 months, 3 days

Side note #1: I made a new vlog the day before we went on holidays. Did you see it?

Side note #2: Monthly review is coming during the weekend (?). So many important stuff happened in the last couple of weeks.

Side note #3: What do you think about the cutest selfie we did (title photo)?

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