They left me (us)!

I always knew this is gonna happen one day…

Tjaša and Maj left me (well us, including Louie) alone for the weekend. What did you think? Did I get you with the title? I noticed that people tend to click negative stuff more than positive, but the joke is on you…

Tjaša and Maj went to seaside to surprise grandma for her birthday. I didn’t have that luck since I was stuck at work. They are coming back tomorrow, so it’s all good.

I’ve been without Tjaša for like a week couple of times before, but it’s the first time I’ll be without Maj for more than 12-15 hours?

I can’t believe how this tiny little creature grows to your heart. Watching him laugh, crawl, mumble something that maybe Chinese would understand…
I miss them. Thankfully Louie stayed at home so at least I have some comfort and someone to sleep with.

Our new “big fancy” house that we moved into last week is so empty without them. Kinda scary actually. I’m still not used to it so that might be the reason.

There is always a bright point to every story. Ok not every story (wars for example have no bright spots, or maybe the end is the bright spot?), but this one sure has one.
Two nights of not waking up to Maj’s crying. Two nights of unbothered sleep. I’m a heavy sleeper and overhear at least 50% of cries but still…

That’s it, going to sleep now. Good night.

Babies age: 8 months, 3 weeks

Side note #1: Not a lot of activity lately, we’ve been busy with moving and everything. Still have some little things to do but after that, back to serious blogging. And vlogging, and running (omg I don’t know when was the last time a ran).

Side note #2: At least I got a chance to catch up with House of Cards. Anybody watching?

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