Why did I start vlogging?

You might have noticed something new on Maj Perspective in the last couple of weeks. We added a new media, video in a form of vlogging.

I just wanted to explain the motive behind it. Why I started vlogging, will I continue and stuff.

Ok, first thing first, what is vlog?

Vlog is video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog. It’s a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. I just stole that from Wikipedia…

I (or we) found out about vlogging like millions of others, through Casey Neistat, probably the best vlogger ever. We’ve been watching his vlogs for about 2 years now. I always wondered how does he do it and I always wanted to try it. But not having so much fancy equipment and not so interesting day to day life, it never came to it.

It stayed like that for some time. Then this year, we stumbled on a Slovenian vlogger, Komotar Minuta. His vlogs are mostly based around his car journalism job, so a lot of new cars and it’s really awsome. What really made impression and made me think was, that he is shooting and editing just with his phone.

Suddenly, vlogging was not miles away, it was in my reach and I just needed to start.

Our trip to London seemed like a perfect opportunity and I took it.

I did it for all five days, staying up till 2AM to edit, but loving every moment. I did some videos in the past, but doing it all on my phone was something completely new. It was fun and easy, no transfers to computer and I was doing it on the way, on the underground, on the toilet…

At first it was just planned as a 5 part London vlog and stop. We came back, no vlogging for couple of days and I started missing it quite a lot. So I decided to do another one for Tjaša’s birthday and then another one and another one.

So, yeah, as things stand, I’ll continue vlogging when something interesting is happening. Don’t expect a day to day vlogs, that’s just impossible with a normal 9 to 5 job. But as soon as something happens, there will be a vlog.

There’s also another upside of vlogging. It’s the same as with photos, I always filmed a lot but almost always, the footage stayed unedited on the phone or camera. With vlogging, the important stuff will be saved forever in a form of short video.

As with my blog posts (with exception of this one), I’m trying to keep my vlogs as short as possible.

That’s it. Check out the vlogs, click thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Babies age: 238 days

Side note #1: Check out Casey Neistat and Komotar Minuta. I’m really a big fan of them and have a lot of respect to their work. To vlog day after day without interuption for so long, it’s just amazing.

Side note #2: I got a little off track with the blog lately, not a lot content about Maj. Majority of next couple posts are gonna be just about Maj related topics.

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