IKEA shopping tips 101

IKEA. You know, the big blue building with a yellow sign on it? They used to sell cheap furniture in it. Today they just sell furniture, which we still think it’s cheap…

We went to one of their stores, in Zagreb, on Monday to buy Maj’s new room for the new house. Well, at least a part of it.

Since we live in Maribor and Ikea Graz is just 65km away, why did we go to Zagreb, almost 150km away?

Well, welcome to IKEA shopping tips 101. It’s just one tip, but ok.

So, if you live in vicinity of two countries with IKEA, like Slovenia for example (there are IKEA stores in Austria, Croatia and Italy,  + we’re also getting one soon), it’s always good to check prices online because they vary.

As an example, the pics below are Maj’s “room” totals in Austria and Croatia. The Austrian price would be 333€ and in Zagreb we payed 1.987 Kuna, which converted comes out a little less than 270€.

Even with road tolls and a little more gas money, it was still worth a longer drive. But the room wasn’t the only thing we bought, so savings were probably even bigger.

And yes, of course I vlogged. It was unplanned, but I did. Check it out.

Babies age: 9 days till 8 months

Side note: I was trying to write this post on Tjaša’s Mac but it’s impossible. I love Apple products, but Mac’s are a shoot in the dark. It’s like they were thinking “how can we confuse the shit out of Windows users?”. So yeah, love iPhone, iPad, iPod (not sure about iWatch), hate Mac’s.

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