The Godfather

Maj’s first “once in a lifetime” event is less then a month away. Ok, you could count birth as first, so let’s say second. The christening, or baptism? When I translate Slovenian word, baptism is the first offered option, but isn’t baptism completely something else?

Whatever, so Christening is just around the corner and Maj needed a godfather. Since he can’t make his own decisions yet, we did it for him. We didn’t really think about it long, we knew it all along that we want Tjaša’s brother, Maj’s uncle Matic (it’s really funny in Slovene language because uncle = stric and “stric Matic” rhymes…) to be his godfather.

We wanted to “propose” to him in a special way and we did.

You can see how we did that in a vlog.


Babies age: 32 weeks

Side note #1: I will skip month 7 review. I’ve been postponing it for so long that it doesn’t make much sense now. I’ll merge month 7 and 8 together in a mega review so stay tuned.

Side note #2: Monster energy drink didn’t have anything to do with this vlog and didn’t give us anything. They should, but ok…


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