7, 8…

Here it is. After missing last months review, the big XXL, 2 in 1 review of month 7 and 8 (where does the time go?!?).

So, the kid turned 7 months last month. In London. Kinda cool, pretty special for me, the London addict. Hoping he will celebrate many more months and years there, just have to convince Tjaša to move someday. And stop terrorisem…

It wasn’t really the best month, it was probably the worst one yet. As already written in a previous blog post, Maj had his second vaccination and was sick for the next two weeks. We almost didn’t go to London because of that.

Luckily, he got better and experienced his first flight, day before he was 7 months old. The flight was ok, still planing to write a post about it. I am.

There’s not much more to write about for this month. The sickness took over.

Maybe just one little thing. I have a suspicion, that the little guy is in fact the terminator. He was vaccinated and they took his blood three times in one week, and not even a small scream. Like it was nothing. Like a robot, the Terminator.

Month 8 started in London, and was sickness free!

A lot happened this month, you might have seen it on the vlog. Here is a short recap.

It was the first time, Tjaša had birthday as mom. Did you seen the surprise I prepared for her?

Maj “asked” uncle Matic to be his godfather with a little help from energy drink Monster. Tjaša deserves most of the credit for that.

We also bought Majs new room for the house in Ikea (we’re moving next week!!!). Tjaša picked it out, we had no opinion rights… (Kidding, I chose the color of one drawer).

It was also the month in which Maj visited our local hill Pohorje, where ladies skiers have skiing World Cup in winter. We took a ride with a cable car and everything.

There’s also one, kinda huge thing… Our immobility became mobile (exact Tjašas words, only in Slovene). What? (that were my exact words when she told me). Maj started crawling last week and now, nothing is safe. Now he’s bumping into everything in our overfilled apartment.

But it really is nice to see him learning new stuff and conquering big life milestones. Not long now and he will be walking already…

Nerd style review: Software needed a reboot because anti-virus crashed and needed to be reinstalled. Hardware was unattached. After reinstallation, the software is working faster then ever. It’s also much louder and responds only to admins (Moms) commands.

Babies age: 8 months, 4 days

Side note: Maj is getting christened this Saturday. Really looking forward to it, religious fanatic as I am. Not.


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