London day 4 and 5

As mentioned on Facebook, there was no time to write a post on Saturday, so here are last two days, 2 in 1.

Friday was more of a shopping day, Maj of course got most of the stuff. The best buy were two pairs of hand made pants, that we bought in a small shop in Camden Town called Josiah Amari. It was 18£ for 1 pair, or 30£ for 2, so we just got two. They are awsome, will probably post some pics on Instagram someday. They are curently in washer, but you can check their website here to get the idea.

We were also in Westfield shopping center, where we ate best pretzels in the world.

After that, I was jumping in front of ex Olympic Stadium, now the new stadium of West Ham United football club.

Saturday was time to say goodbye. We had a stroll around Hyde Park, going past Kensington Palace and that was kind off it. A train ride and a flight later, we were in Trieste.

I’ll write more about the whole experience of traveling with baby in coming week, but first impression after the trip, it was good!

Now you can check out vlogs from day 4 and 5. Press Like. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Babies age: Almost 31 weeks

Side note #1: We came home at 1AM and I was editing the vlog till 2… That’s why this post is so late.

Side note #2: There is no reason for Maj to be on every title photo… We took over today.


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