Waiting for a miracle 

They say that when you’re almost ready for vacation, kids usually get sick…

My holidays started today, looks like they are gonna suck a little… Why? Let’s go back couple of days.

Wednesday, May 3rd, Maj had his second vaccination. Of course fever came almost straight after (like the first time) and coughing two days later. Tjaša took him to doctor on Monday where they did some viruses tests and took his blood. They found out he had a something-something virus which also reduced his white cells count.

At the moment, he’s completely healthy (ok a cough here and there), but blood cells still didn’t increase, which means he has absolutely no protection against viruses and bacteria.

Somehow in between, we also got sick and since then, our home is like quarantine. We’re wearing face masks, disinfecting everything, not allowing any visitors,… It’s getting a little out of hands, Tjasa has a new protection “thing” every day. I already told her, if I come home one day and she’s waiting with that radioactive suit, I’m moving out.

I’m kidding (even though I’m super depresso at the moment).

So, yeah, less than 4 days till our flight to London. It doesn’t look good… We have another blood test on Monday so hope for the best.

Will we make it? Stay tuned for the next eisode of “Roky’s horror stories”, only here on Maj Perspective.

Babies age: 5 days to 7 months

Side note: Trying to find something positive from this week and I did! Got The Rolling Stones concert tickets. Something to cross off my bucket list.

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