It’s different with baby

Less than two weeks left until we fly off to the greatest city on the planet earth (in my opinion), London.

If Tjaša and I would go alone, I wouldn’t bother with planning or anything actually. It’s gonna be our 5th time there and as “London-obsessed” as I am, I know all the tube lines and stuff by heart…

But, as you probably know, we’re not going alone this time. It’s gonna be our first flight-trip with Maj and that means a little more planning is needed.

Ok, what was done till now?

We’ve got flight ticket, doohh, we’re flying with Ryanair again (I like them the least of all low cost carriers but end up flying with them all the time). Did you know that they have 20€ infant fee per flight, that’s 40€ for return flight and they don’t even get a seat! Wtf Ryanair?!? We payed 45€ each for our tickets, with seat…

We’re flying to Stanstead airport. In old times, when we were students, we would take Easybus to get to the city. With baby, bus is not an optimal option, that’s why we’re taking Stanstead Express instead (it’s a train). It’s not cheap but it is faster, more comfortable and it has free wifi! Also already booked.

Did we book a hotel? No. We don’t do hotels actually, except this year when we were in Rovinj and on the island Krk… But no, usually (99% of the time) when we travel, we book our stay through Airbnb. You can choose between a room, apartment, whole house, sometimes even a boat. It’s really cool and what’s even cooler, if you book through this link, you get 30€ (33$/26£) for your next trip, free. No catch, you just get it (and we get 15€ when you travel, which is nice too, so thank you in advance). You’re welcome.

Back to the apartment, finding a proper place to stay in London is a nightmare. If it looks nice, it’s expensive, if it’s cheap, well, it’s shit. We got kinda lucky, a new place was posted and even though I usually don’t look at those without reviews, I decided to write to the owner and it was all right. I think… We’ll see, maybe we’ll be looking for a new place when we arrive. Hope not. Oh and the apartment is in part of London called Earl’s Court, a minuta away from where we stayed when we were in London for the first time. Little nostalgia there.

That’s about it. You might be wondering what’s that hideous thing on Instagram? Well our new, old stroller. We’re not risking Mima on an airplane. If they break this green thing, we won’t cry. #zelenojegrdo

Tjaša bought FlyeBaby. I don’t know, it’s new to us, this flying with baby thing. We’re stocking up with everything we can get… Might even do a review on that.

Yep, getting pretty excited. Still working on a daily plan, what we’re gonna do, where the diaper changing stations are, you know the usual.

We still need a new backpack. Something for the DSLR and baby stuff combined. It would be good if you could attach a tripod + it should be light. Good looks don’t hurt either. Is there something out there to fill our needs?

Babies age: 200 days

Side note #1: We also booked tickets for the Shard, the tallest building in EU. For now. It will just be the tallest building in UK in the future. #brexit

Side note #2: I’m really thinking about doing a short daily vlog when we’ll be in London. I’m thinking really short, minute, maybe minute and a half, a lot of fast clips, almost no talking. What do you think? Comment below.

Not suitable

Side note #3: When we were searching for apartment, a lot of them had the message “may not be safe or suitable for children (0-12years). What? They looked normal on pictures… Do they have monsters under the bed? In the closet? I don’t get it.

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