It was raining on Friday

Here it is, month of May, which means April is over, which means time for another monthly running review.

I kinda didn’t get to planned 80km, but that’s just because it was raining on Friday. I got to 75.2km in 8 runs (I know, not really a lot), Friday was planned for running and I would easily get 6-7km, which would get me over my 80km, but it was raining!

Because of that, I’m saying “Goal achieved” and moving on to next month.

Just to mention biggest achievment this month, I ran 14.14km last Sunday! 14! That’s 2/3 of the way to Half marathon. Or 33% of a marathon! I’m way ahead of my goal, which was to run 10km in May. I actually never thought I would stick to it so long and run 14km in my life. Moving on!

Month of May, in Slovene – Maj (yes the same as our kid), the month in which I’m raising the bar to 100km, still with 12 runs.

My plan curently is long runs on Sunday, I run further every sunday, I started April with 11km and ended with over 14… That means if I continue like that, just Sundays alone will get me about 60km. And then, I try to do two speed runs (5,6,7km) a week, but until now, I missed some of them every month and failed to complete 12 runs in a month.

This month is gonna be a little special, because we’re going to London. Of course my running gear is coming with me.

We’re gonna be in London for 4 days and I already planned two runs. One is South bank-ish, since we’ll be staying in Earl’s Court and I dont want to take the tube  somewhere I’ll just run to Thames an than past Battersea Power station until MI6 building and back. The second run is gonna be in Hyde Park. That’s what I planned, if any London runners are reading this, I’m open to suggestions, maybe someone even wants to run with me?

I must say that I’m really excited about that. London is my favourite city in the world, I’ve been there a few times but never as a runer. To explore something new (Batersea part) while running is something I’m really looking forward to.

Well that’s it, another month of running is ahead of me. I was planning my first race on May 20th, but since we’re gonna be in London, I’ll have to postpone it. Probably, my first race will be a night run in my hometown of Maribor in June.

Babies age: 28 weeks, 2 days


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