Being a dad – part 1

First plan was to title this post “should I be a dad?”. I changed my mind.

If I would write it from that perspective (like a question), what happens if someone is actually thinking “should I or shouldn’t I”, and my post decides against it? I don’t want to bring anger of some girl from Panama or New Zeland upon me. Oh, no.

I decided to talk (well, write) you through my experience, what has changed, the good, the bad, the ugly,… Don’t take it as a normative, it’s probably different for every dad out there. After more than 6 months, I think it’s the right time to sum it up, it’s a dad blog after all.

So where to start?

I’m gonna start with the part that’s annoying me the most and that is the time. Day only has 24 hours, being a dad means you spend 8-10 of those hours at work, you sleep 6 (more if you’re lucky), which means you’re left with 8 hours of free time at most during work days.

In that 8 hours (really the upper maximum you get), you’re torn between wanting to spend as much time as possible with your kid, doing things that are a must (eating, cleaning and stuff) and doing things that you were used to before you became a parent (computer, tv, sports, being lazy).

That last part suffered the most. We used to binge watch series with Tjaša, these days we manage a part or two a week. We don’t even manage to watch Casey Neistat vlogs regularly. I used to “live” on my laptop, these days it’s more Maj in one hand and phone in the other (if he’s about to go to sleep, if not you need your both hands, three sometimes).

Being lazy is just a distinct memory.

When I became a dad, the priorities changed. Now you’re saying “doohh Rok, what did you think?”. But I don’t mean it that way, I knew the baby is gonna be first, last and everything in between. I mean the priorities how you spend your actual “free” time, when baby is asleep or away at grandparents. I’ve put being lazy and procrastinating in a box and hid it in the basement (I’m gonna find that box when I’m grey and old and I’m gonna use everything that’s inside it!).

Instead, I focused on things that matter. Like this blog, or my other blog or running. You have to figure out the things that are important to you and prioritize them.

I forgot to mention spending time with Tjaša right? Of course, that is also a priority. How our, soon to be husband and wife, relationship changed since we became parents? That’s coming in part 2 of this post, along with more stuff, soon.

I’m still not sure how many parts this will have. I know people’s attention span is short and I don’t want to make blog posts that are too long. Check back for next part or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, whatever…

Babies age: 195 days

Side note #1: Did you watch Joshua vs Klitschko fight yesterday. Damn, didn’t think the old man would give such a good fight. Couple years younger and who knows…

Side note #2: It’s bank holiday weekend and we just opened grilling season. What did you do today?

Side note #3: Does someone drink Illy coffee and has Illy espresso machine with capsules that come in round metal box? What the hell do you do with that boxes? Check my twitter if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I mean, they are cool and all, but we have like 40 metal boxes now. They are too nice to throw away but too many to actually use. If someone needs them, I’m sure we can work something out.

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