Follow up 

Just a quick post before my Sunday run.

I wrote this post couple of weeks ago. I would have done it sooner, if I knew the effect it will have.

So, what happened? Tjasa developed around 500 photos (these are just the good ones from first 6 months), glued them into an album and we now have a full photo album (really big one) and a half of just Maj’s photos. She also did that baby book thing, where you write everything in (like weight, first visit, first this, first that…).

Good job honey, I love you!

Did you know how much developing so many photos cost? Omg, it would probably be cheaper to make album online…

Even I did something, it’s not Maj related, but I did manage to edit 4 years old footage from our trip to New York. Yes, 4 years ago! So, don’t be surprised if I’m sometimes late with a post or something. Footage from our trip to Lisbon, 5 years ago is still waiting, but Maj’s first 6 months are up next.

That video is not gonna get posted on YouTube, but New York was. Check it out!

Babies age: 6 months, 6 days

Side note #1: Did you see the new Fast and Furious or Fate of the fast or however they called it? I liked it, fast cars, “little” explosions, shooting… I’m a guy, it’s in my DNA to like those kind of things. What I didn’t think was that I will like a baby in this type of movie. Little Diesel was cool.

Side note #2: Yes I have a YouTube channel, subscribe! It’s not much, but in the future, who knows?

Side note #3: Did you see the risotto I made today on my Instagram stories? Mmm, too bad you couldn’t try it.

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