Halfway there (6.0)

And we’re already halfway there. Yes, halfway to Maj’s first birthday. It surprises me every time Tjaša says to pull out the “month” chair.

What’s “month” chair you ask? Little explanation, Tjaša takes a photo of Maj every week and of course every month. Week photos are taken on Mamaroo and month photos on Mima Moon – the month chair (Google them if you don’t know what I’m talking about). She’s really strict about it, but it’s kinda cute so it’s ok.

Another picture taken and what a month we had. Probably the busiest month until now. There was Maj’s first Mother’s Day, first Easter which was on the same day as his grandma (my mom) birthday, we were on holidays again, Maj had his first “real” swimming course, we booked a flight to London which is gonna be Maj’s first flight and we are eating solid food like crazy. That last one is a joke, he’ll probably stay on the boob forever…

I already made a blog post about almost everything mentioned above, Maybe just an observation of mine from Easter. It’s awsome when you have a baby who doesn’t eat chocolate or any solid food yet. He gets the chocolate, we ate it. On the same day, just to be sure he doesn’t change his mind overnight.

I really thought this post is gonna be longer, but if everything major is already in other posts…

Ok, gaming style review to end this post. The 6.0 update is awake more than any previous versions, sleeps an hour at most during the day. He’s establishing a routine of going to sleep between 8 and 9PM and waking up once when I’m on baby bottle night shift duty. He forgets about his routine when Tjaša is sleeping next to him and wakes up every hour. Like a boss.

He likes grabbing stuff and putting them in his mouth, but there is still a problem with his pacifier being in the way. And then the system collapses (he starts screaming and crying) and needs to be restarted (cuddling and stuff).

Final score is still 10/10, don’t know if it will ever be lower… Maybe if he will be Real Madrid or Olimpija fan (not gonna happen). Those would be big minus points.

Babies age: 6 months (+2 days, but shhh, no one needs to know I’m late)

Side note: No side note this time… Mmm, well, I tried.

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