Like fish in the sea

It’s raining outside… I really wanted to run today but ended up writing a new blog post instead. Win-win situation I guess.

So what have we been up to this week?

Maj had his first swimming course on Wednesday. Yes, he’s supposed to learn how to swim in 10 weeks, so basically before he’ll be 9 months old. “Shocked face”

Do you remember when you learned to swim? I was late, late “bloomer”, afraid of the water and swimming for the first time when I was 6 or 7…

Ok, back to boy wonder, attending swim course before he is 6 months old.

It’s a once per week, 10 weeks course, where your baby is supposed to learn basic swimming moves, how to hold breath when going under water and stuff… Really useful, especially for Maj since we both (me and Tjaša) love sea, like to spend a lot of time by the sea and are also planning to have a pool by our new house.

Lesson one, luckily I had a day off and could go along. We were the only couple there. It was us, 15 moms with their babies and one dad. One dad! He looked like he knew what he’s doing. I don’t know if I would go there alone. Good dad.

Anyways, we went into the pool, some babies liked it, some not so much. Maj? He loved it, he loves everything connected with water. He loved the time he was in the pool in Rovinj and Krk, he likes baths, did I mention that bathing is like our thing? First few months we did it together, but after we bought a new bath tub, only I do it. I don’t mind it, Tjaša is with him the whole day, they literally do everything together, but bathing is our time.

Lesson started with singing (us, not the babies), then we went on to splashing, kicking and doing a “motorboat” with our mouths. He really liked that last part.

Then we did some floating exercise where he leaned on Tjaša’s shoulder and floated. There was more, but I don’t know how to describe it in short. It was cool.

In the end, the teacher (is that how you call her?) threw colored balls in the pool and babies were trying to get them as if they were candies. Maj got three and they were all purple!!! What’s so special about purple? It is the color of our football team in Maribor, that’s the reason for three exclamation marks. #zelenojegrdo

Resume of the day, Maj did really good, didn’t cry even once and fell asleep almost straight after. It was fun for us and what’s more important, it was fun for him. Good day. Too bad I’m probably gonna miss 80% of the course…

Babies age: 179 days

Side note#1: Did you watch my Instagram (@r0ky) stories this week? I drove, well, I was driven in a new Ford Mustang through Maribor streets by a pro driver. Definitely my best car related experience until now. I want to drive one someday too. The one from 1964-67 if possible.

Side note#2: If your baby also wants to swim, you can check this website. It’s good if you live in Slovenia though…

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