Omg, Omg, Omg

Omg! “Screaming like a little girl”

It’s really happening, faster that I could ever imagine.

I don’t want to reveal it right away. How should I do it?

I’ll just tell a short “story” from when me and Tjaša were still young. 7 years younger to be precise. It was December 26th 2010, right after Christmas, when we went on our first trip with a plane. We went to London. We were 20 or 21 at the time, so flying somewhere, alone, was a big thing back then. After all this time, after many flights and many countries later, this trip is still my favorite. Being the first one has probably something to do with it. I fell in love with London back then and my first page London za vsak žep (London for every pocket) was born.

Even though Tjaša didn’t like London that much, we went back a couple of more times, last time in September 2015.

So, any clue where I’m going with that?


Maj is going to London in May! Hehe, get it? Funny? No? Ok… Well we all are, but that’s gonna be Maj’s first flight and it makes everything that much more exciting and a little scary.

When he was born, I said to Tjaša that his first trip will be to London and, voila, I kept my word. Starting the countdown!

Flying with baby? Any funny stories to tell about that? Share them in comment section below.

That’s it, did you expect something else?

Babies age: 1 week untill 6 months


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