Maj’s second “Vacation”

And we’re back, already… I swear, when you’re on holiday, time speeds up. It’s like it has 3 speeds: reverse when you’re at work, one “normal one” when you’re not and sixth with nitrous injection when you’re on holidays.

If you followed us on Instagram, you already know where we were. For those who didn’t, we were on island Krk, Croatia.

It was our first holiday as a whole family, Louie included. We didn’t take him with us in February when we were in Rovinj. He’s not a fan of long car rides, and doing two in a space of less than 48 hours…

Ok, some facts for those who don’t know Croatia, or Europe that much…  Krk is the northernmost island (if you don’t count those small ones) in Adriatic sea. It’s also the second biggest island in Croatia, only 0.48m² smaller than it’s neighbor Cres. It is also connected to mainland with a bridge, so it’s really easy to get to (on?) it.

More known towns include Krk (the “capital of island), Omišalj, Baška, Punat… We went a little “off-road” to a town called Vrbnik. Town, relatively unknown to tourists, but more known by its wines.

They are trying to change that with a new hotel opened this year, Vinotel Gospoja. Funny enough, on almost every step in hotel you’ll be remembered what’s the most  known thing around. Wine and grapes. There is something connected to those two things everywhere, on the ceiling, wall, in the lobby, restaurant and even in the wellness.

Good, enough facts, I feel like I’m doing a documentary for travel channel. Let’s go to our experience.

“Look mom, the clouds are coming”

Hotel was really cool, we had a room with an awesome sea view, food was good, staff was really friendly and the spa is nice. About the spa, yes Maj was swimming again, he loves the water, in fact, he’s starting swim course next week.

But that’s not what I wanted to say. Next to the sauna, they had showers where you pressed a button and “cold rain” or “cold breeze” dripped on you. I’ve never seen something like that. Basically you stand under the shower, press the button and cold (10°C) water comes down together with a wind and a smell of either lemon or mint. Awsome.

Kinda sad we were in wellness just once. We were mostly out, exploring all the towns already mentioned above.

Weather was really nice, a little too nice for April but we’re not complaining. Maybe Maj is, he really doesn’t like the sun on his face. Every time the sun got to him, he started “dancing” in his stroller. Funny kid.

I don’t want to make this too long, because I still have one topic to discuss, so just a short impression of Krk in April. It looked even more stranded than Rovinj in February. Almost like a Walking Dead scene… I liked it. Water was turquoise, you could see all the rocks on the bottom and it was calling my name all the time. Too bad it only had about 15°C.

All the towns, except Vrbnik, are stroller friendly, but we came prepared with baby carrier, so no problem there.

Really a good place for a quiet family escape in spring. It gets really crowded in summer.

That’s that. Question for those who had kids before and went on a summer holidays with them… How?!? And I don’t mean how you went, I mean how did you bring all the stuff with you??? It’s ridiculous… Already on our first, two day trip, it was a problem. Now it was three days… Not sure yet what we’re gonna do for a two weeks vacation.

I was a cheapskate because I didn’t want to pay 10€ extra a day for a baby bed since we have our super collapsible, super expensive 4moms bed… It still takes up a lot of space even when collapsed and together with stroller… So yeah, Tjaša was sitting in the back with Louie and Maj and the bed was my “co-pilot”. Can’t wait for summer holiday. Maybe we’ll just go with two cars?

Babies age: 5 months, 2 weeks, 6 days

Side note#1: Forgot to mention the biggest attraction in Vrbnik. It’s the narrowest alley in the world called “Klančič”. We barely fit through it. Google it, it was dark when Tjaša took the picture (Instagram)…

Side note#2: The hotel had way, way too much of that ugly colour in the headline photo… The only real downside.


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