10k and stuff 

I’ve been really busy last couple of weeks, so blog was kinda left on the side.

This post is just an update on my #NYCmarathon2018 project progress. For those of you who started reading this blog later and skipped couple of first posts, this blog is also 10% running diary. It motivates me, keeps me on track… It prevents me from quitting basically. Once It was written, you knew about it and if I quit, you’ll know about it too. I don’t want that.

But no, I didn’t quit, just didn’t post in February, so this is a 2in1 months review.


I set myself a goal of running 12 times and doing a total of 80km. What did I do? Well, less… I did just 8 runs which summed up to 48km. Lame, I know.

In my defense, the month was short… Bad excuse.

I did manage my two longest runs ever. First one was 7.8km and the second one was 8.3km. I never ran that far in my life before.


Since I didn’t achieve my goal in February, actually I missed it by a lot, I decided to leave it the same.

Did I do it? Well, nop, strike two…

But I was close-er! 71.4km on 10 runs. It was my best running month of my life. I ran 10km for the first time ever and then repeated it for two more times! My plan was to get to 10k till May, so basically I’m more than a month faster.

But, yeah, still no 80km in a month, keeping the same goal for April (already did 11km today, picture above).

Babies age: 24 weeks!

Side note#1: I wrote some time ago about Casey Neistat quitting daily Vlogs. Guess what? He’s back! I was happy as a little kid on Christmas morning when I saw the news.

Side note#2: Do you miss new blog posts about Maj? Me too. I promise they are coming soon. In fact, we’re going on holidays tomorrow (where? Follow us on Instagram to find out), so there’s probably gonna come something out of that soon after (in my time, that’s probably two weeks?).

Side note#3: Reason why I have so little time is actually a blog post I wrote couple of weeks ago. This one. After it, I started looking through old pictures and videos and found out we have a lot of video material from our trip to New York in 2013. Long story short, I’m currently working on a video, which is gonna be long or short, not sure yet and it’s gonna be uploaded to YouTube or maybe not. It probably depends on how I will like it. At the moment, I did just the intro, which you can see on Instagram. I think it looks nice, but my (well our) shooting skills were very weak back then (where are the TimeLapses?). Trying to save bad footage somehow.


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