Maj is 5 months old today! That is 151 days or 3.624 hours or…

Are you kidding me? Where did the time go? I still remember like it was yesterday when I was nervously waiting in the hospital to go into operations room… When I heard his first cry, saw him for the first time. It was like seeing the thing from Eifel65 video “Blue” (younger generations, look it up on YouTube). It feels like yesterday, except it was 5 months ago!
Seasons changed from autumn to winter and spring is just a couple of days away. We had -20 degrees celsius and just today It was +20. I had birthday, Maj’s uncle had birtday, even Jesus had his birthday in between…

In football, everything is back to normal. Maribor is 9 points ahead of the club in ugly jerseys from ugly town. Barcelona made a miracle in Champions League and Ilka Štuhec destroyed everyone in downhill skiing.

But Maj is F***ing 5 months old!?!?!

So what happened in the last month?

Firstly I must say I almost gave up on monthly updates… Tjaša “knocked me down ” after reading last one. She said it was unconnected and altogether terrible. But she obviously never read a review before because if she would, she’d knew that you can’t make a story out of review…

Ok, month No5, two big things happened, well one big milestone and one first time festival (?) for Maj.

On February 19th, we gave Maj first real food, zucchini. Of course it was steamed and shredded and made baby friendly. We also tried cauliflower, potatoe, broccoli and carrot. Maj’s favorite? Mom’s milk.

He kind of ate whole meal of zucchini once, but that was it. Not a fan yet, but who is a fan of vegetables really? I know he can’t wait to eat meat.

Moving on to the “festival” which is actually a carnival, but not like Rio carnival. It’s more like Halloween when people dress up and go trick or treating.

It’s called “Pust”, really no idea how to translate that (German is “fasching”).  It’s a tradition that should “scare away” the winter.

It lasts couple of days and Maj had 3 different costumes this year. First he was Mickey Mouse, we ordered some cheap baby photography accessories from China and Mickey was part of the package. If someone needs baby photos, Tjaša can do it and your baby can be a dinosaur or Mickey or whatever.

Second one was Dragon (if you add letter Z in front of Maj, you get Slovenia word for dragon which is “zmaj”). Again we used photo accessories and Tjaša made him wings and claws for his feet.

The third costume was Batman. I’m a big fan of Batman and until he won’t have his own ideas and wishes, he will be Batman!

Those were two “bigger” things this month, but Maj is growing and learning little things every day. It’s like every time I come from work Tjaša tells me what he did new.

He’s turning on his belly now, touching his feet (which apparently is a big thing), he is really recognizing faces now. He knows Tjaša is the milk factory, you should see his reaction when he sees the boob. Even I was never soo excited about it…

He also knows I’m someone who does same things as mom (minus giving the boob), just less regularly, and I make fun noises by the way.

Another fun thing, if you start “crying” he will also start crying, for real.

Louie (the dog) also accepted his fate and has started to “play” with Maj. It basically means that he is bringing Maj toys and Maj does nothing… It’s a start.

I think that’s it. Don’t want to make it too long. I hope it makes more sense and is more connected than last month Tjaša.

Babies age: 5 months

Side note#1: I switched to laptop now and noticed that the post is actually really long… Sorry about that.

Side note#2: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, the only reason why I’m wearing green shirt. #zelenojegrdo #greenisugly


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