Confession time

I like photos, Tjaša loves photography, I like to shoot videos…

After almost 5 months, we probably have more than 5000 photos of Maj and couple hours of video clips. But here comes a problem, we’re terrible at doing something with those photos or videos.

Let me put it that way, we were in London for the first time in 2010, still don’t have any photo album. New York 4 years ago? Only on computer. Almost any trip or anything really? You guessed it, it’s on computer. Thank god some photos end up on Instagram (btw, are you following me there yet? There should be a link somewhere on the right side).

That was also one of the main reasons I started this blog, to make memories last. If we won’t have any albums (which we will!) to remember things, at least we’ll have the blog.

So, mmm, this was kinda short blog post right?

How do you tackle the problem of having too many photos? Are you having the same problems? I mean, since the phones got cameras, some really good ones, things got totally out of hands.

I think it was much easier in the past, where our parents really had to be carefull when taking photos. They had films (is that how you call them) where you could do 24 or 32 or something like that photos and you couldn’t press delete and repeat. What’s worse (or better maybe), if you wanted to see what you shoot, you had to develop them and voila, memories on paper.

I’ll stop now, regular baby content coming later this week. Probably.

Babies age: 21 weeks

Side note: Just checked my phone, I currently have over 3000 photos on it, Tjaša even more… Crazy!


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