First night off and a Big Bang

Interesting night and day we had…

4 months and 5 days, that’s how long we haven’t slept for a whole night, because, you know, that’s what happens when you have a baby. At least for Tjaša, for me it was minus week one when they were in the hospital.

But yeah, we got our first night off last night. Maj slept at grandmas house. I wasn’t really thrilled about it at first, I got kinda used to having him around, even though it means I wake up at least once a night.

Once the baby was gone, we just chilled and fell asleep like two babies. Tjaša finally got her much needed sleep (she said she woke up at 10.30, lucky her) and I slept 6 hours without interruptions, which is also nice. I’m wondering if I will ever sleep till 10.30 again in my life?

That was that, new experience which we survived without a problem. I know some parents have troubles separating from their child. Not us though.

Ok, fast forward to when I came home from work. One of those days when you almost wish you stayed at work longer. It’s like he knew and waited…

For those of you who are already parents, you already know how it is when your kid doesn’t do No2 for a day, two, three,… Yes I mean poop. Maj didn’t for 5. If you’re still undecided about having a baby just skip the next couple of lines… Seriously, skip it, I warned you.

So I come home, open the door and Tjaša is feeding the baby. It must have happened like a minute before I came because she said she feels warmth. She lifted him up and there was poop coming through diaper, tights and 2 bodysuits! We’re not sure if there was more in diaper or outside of it. And now imagine how it is to take all those clothes down and clean it up…

For safety reasons, if someone is eating dinner or something, I didn’t include photo material, which Tjaša of course made. You’re welcome.

That were highlights of our day, I wanted to post something else today, but this was too epic to miss.

Babies age: 4 months 6 days


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