1/3 of a year… (aka 4 months)

Haven’t posted in a while.

I wanted to, I already kind of maybe have 2 blog posts prepared. Half prepared. Ok one is prepared and the other one is in my head… But you know what I mean.

Another month has passed, damn where the time is flying, and here is a fresh monthly review. It’s weird writing a “review”, I’m going to change it to monthly update, is that better?

Pretty Rollercoaster like month is behind us. We took Maj on his first holiday, ok a one night stay trip, but it was his first night away from home and abroad, if you’re not counting the hospital and the fact he was born abroad… Yes that was the upside of 4th month and that’s also one of the blog posts I have prepared (the almost prepared one, not the one in my head) so I’m not gonna discuss much about it here. Maj was swimming for the first time! That is all I’m gonna mention for now.

Then there was the main downside of the month, Maj got his first “shoot”, vaccines shoot, not gun shoot. We were in a big dilemma about it, Tjaša hugely against it and me somewhere 50/50. We did it anyway and we’re still not sure it was the right thing. Maj got fewer the next day which got better the day after and Tjaša says he’s screaming more or differently at least. I don’t know about the last part and I’m really trying to look at it from the positive side, I still want to believe doctors want to do good and you can’t deny facts that some diseases aren’t around anymore since people got vaccines. But there still are occasional side effects that terrify me just reading the stories online. There is always a minimum chance of something happening, heck, there’s a chance an airplane crashing in our building and there is always a chance of bad reaction on vaccines but thinking about it doesn’t help. You have to keep positive thoughts. And don’t read sad stories online, Tjaša!

There was a situation that happened for the first time since we got Maj. Someone asked me if I have kids and I stopped for a moment and thought to myself, wow, I do. It was a weird (?!?) moment, it’s like I still didn’t process that I’m a father now. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a teenager or something and a question like that reminds you that you’re going towards 30 not 20… As already said above, time flies.

After 1/3 of a year I think I can finally give a little feedback about being a father. If there is a boyfriend or a husband out there, whose girlfriend or wife (or both, but that’s wrong and probably hard to do without the other one finding out) really wants to have kids, reading this, this part is for you.


Ok this part was planned for you but I started writing and this blog got way too long, so I decided that it will get its own post in the (near?) future. Bam, I have 2 blogs prepared and one in my head! If you are in a hurry, it’s not bad, go for it.

We tried first “real” food today, steamed zucchini. I think nothing stayed in Maj’s mouth… It’s not a Wiener schnitzel after all.

What else? Maj is grabbing stuff now, toys, fingers, hairs… Making him smile is currently my favourite thing to do. Seeing and hearing him smile is amazing and he smiles a lot thank god.

That’s about it for this update. Probably forgot to mention something…

Babies age: 4 months, 2days

Side note #1: If someone noticed, I finally decided to change the name of the blog to Maj perspective. It feels right. Don’t know how to change the name in url though… Anybody?

Side note #2: They say if it’s not on Facebook, it doesn’t exist. So I created a facebook page which you can like and get all the updates on your timeline. Magic. So, like it HERE. Share it.


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