Little birthday getaway

February is usually the time of the year when people go skiing. Us? Well we don’t, the last time I skied, ok snowboarded, was more than 5 years ago. Tjaša probably doesn’t remember when her last time on skies was.

Nop, we had other winter plans, other plans for Maj’s first holiday. We went to Croatian seaside, to Rovinj to be exact.

It was my wish, I love the sea, I always say that I was meant to be born on the sea but something went wrong and that just didn’t happen. I was also born in winter (February 9th) so I never was on the sea on “my” day. We changed that this year and I’m hoping we started a long lasting tradition.

Why you ask? Apart from obvious reasons of being on the sea and not freezing at home? The seaside is really nice and quiet this time of the year which, if you only go there in “touristic” months, you never experience. The hotel was quite empty (it filled up on weekend when we were already leaving), no traffic, no problem getting a table at bars and restaurants…

That’s for the intro, let’s go to the actual trip.

Our check in time was 3Pm. I thought we could be early and take a walk through Rovinj. You can’t plan anything when you have a baby. Or maybe we just suck at it? Ok so, you guessed it, we arrived couple of minutes before 3. Good job, not. Maj slept through the whole ride so that was pretty cool.

Moving on to the best part of our trip, the hotel. And OMG what a hotel that is. It’s called Lone and it has 5 stars. First time for us to stay in so highly rated hotel. Probably also the last time, sorry Maj, that was it with luxury in your life…

But really, Lone hotel is amazing, modern design, restaurant in almost every floor, pool and spa area where Maj “learned to swim“, green surroundings… Beach looked nice, but it was February, so kinda useless.

They even put our luggage in the car and, what I don’t like but I’ll let them get away with this time, they parked my car. They didn’t let me do it. Part of the “5 star treatment” I guess, but next time I would rather park my car by myself.

All in all, I would like to say we will be back, but knowing the price tag, we probably won’t.


Enough about hotel, we weren’t there for the whole time after all. We used time for a stroll along the shore to historic city of Rovinj. One friendly advice for parents, it’s stroller unfriendly city. The whole path around peninsula is made of stones(?), whic makes your baby feel like he’s on an off-road rally. Bring your “kangaroo” with you. CARRIER, it’s carrier, Tjaša just freaked out when she read Kangaroo…

Other than that, city looks nice, there is a church on the top, which makes it resemble the city of Piran in Slovenia. You got some nice picture spots for city itself (the city looks really nice on photos) or for sunsets if that’s what you’re into. It’s city definitely worth visiting.

All right, hotel, city, why, Maj swimming… I think I got it all. It sux that I’m writing this more than 2 weeks later, but there just wasn’t any time. Better late than never right?

Can’t wait for the next holiday…

Babies age: 18 weeks + 1 day

Side note #1: Nothing special to mention, I just want to go on holidays again after writing that…

Side note #2: You’re probably wondering about the picture of food right? Well of course we had a birthday dinner. We didn’t complicate and went to one of the hotels restaurants. It was one of those “fine dinning” things with small portions that I always made fun of on TV. In the end, it was excelent. Touche…

Side note #3: If someone is still playing PokemonGo, Rovinj is the place to be. They have 6 or 7 gyms and we took over all of them. Tjaša will kill me for writing about Pokémon…


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