Watch yourself Michael Phelps

Today is my birthday, the “not so important” 28. I wanted to spend it differently so we went on a trip. 

I’ll write about that in another post, but now, the main thing that happened today. It was Maj’s first time in the pool. He was “swimming” for the first time. Ok, technically we already tried at home in the bathtub, but he was “walking” there so it kinda doesn’t count…

We bought that red inflatable tube called swimtrainer for which you need a degree in something just to inflate it and strap the baby in. But no worries, we practiced at home so we are experts by now.

So, we strapped Maj in and after that there is not much to do for the baby. He was floating around, occasionally kicking with his feet but he really seemed like he enjoyed it. Watch out Michael Phelps, somewhere in the future. Distant future…

We have another day tomorrow and we’re gonna swim again for sure!

Side note #1: Damn those swimtrainers are really popular. There are like 3 babies here and each has one. Maj is the youngest swimmer though.

Side note #2: Again writing new post on my phone, by the pool of a 5 star hotel. Life is kinda cool sometimes 🙂


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