January sucked!

Weather wise I mean…

This post is gonna be my rant about how January was a terrible month for running and how I made absolutely NO progress towards my goal of running a marathon. If you’re here to read about Maj, come back soon, probably weekend-ish?

Ok, back to the point, January, F*** off. I’m so glad it’s over. Not just because it’s February now (my birthday month), but because this January really sucked!

It actually started really well with that 7 kilometers run on January 1st but it all went downhill from there.

I got sick the next day, stayed in bed with fever for a week, after that it got really cold and T. didn’t let me go running for a couple of days so my next run was on the 13th. It was really tough after being sick and there was snow everywhere so I managed only 2.5km and was almost dead… I did three more runs in next 8 days (5, 6 and 6.5 kilometers) and that was it. Temperatures dropped to -10 degrees celsius (That’s 14 degrees fahrenheit for those who use this weird units), some days even more and that was it with running in January. 

Whatever, new month, time for a new beginning. Kind of. Temperature is finally above 0 degrees and I did my first run of February yesterday. The goal is at least 12 runs and 80 kilometers in total.

Hopefully weather won’t screw me again.

Babies age: 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days

Side note#1: It’s my birthday next week and we’re gonna go somewhere. Where? Follow the blog!

Side note#2: I’m also thinking about doing a Vlog… Would someone watch that?

Side note#3: Another post done on my phone. Starting to like that.


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