Don’t go overboard

T. Said it’s “too cold” to go running so I decided to write a new post instead.

If you already have kids you probably know this but for those who don’t, read carefully! It’s probably one of the best advices I can give you about having a baby.

Listen up, baby clothes, you don’t need 653 body’s, you don’t need 385 sleepsuits and you certainly don’t need 164 shoes! We kinda didn’t know that…

So yeah Maj is slowly outgrowing his first and also second clothes size and when T. is sorting it, we discover that some clothes are actually brand new.

I don’t want to start talking about shoes, but I will. Babies until the age of I don’t know, but certainly until the age of 3 months, probably until they walk, don’t need shoes! Shoes for them are just a fashion accessory. We have like 5-10 shoes his size, but they are a pain in the ass to put on so we just don’t do it. It’s not like he needs them to walk somewhere.

I still have my first shoes, they’re ugly as hell, but I remember, ok I’m lying, my parents told me what a big deal that was back then and how expensive they were. Ok so you can still get expensive brand shoes for babies, Maj has Converse All Stars that I bought on sale (they are awesome), we got him Adidas Superstars… But today buying clothes and shoes for babies isn’t that expensive if you know where to shop.

This may sound like a commercial since we both work there, so I’m gonna make it hard to guess the name of the company.

If you’re buying kids (or any other) clothes and you don’t care about the brands, you can’t go wrong with a store starting with “Pri” and ending with “ark”. It may or may not have another letter (m) in it. Did I make that hard enough?

So yeah that’s the main reason why Maj has so many clothes and shoes… But seriously don’t buy too much and don’t buy expensive brands, they outgrow them too fast.

That’s it, that’s my advice but I know it’s hard to resist to those little things.

Babies age: 3 months 3 days

*Side note #1: I wrote half of this post on my phone while out on a walk with the dog. Gotta love technology.

*Side note #2: I brought home from work 23 body’s today and paid 16€ (ok they were on sale but still). Bam, Primark!


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