Ho, ho, the big 3.0

It’s not that big. And the .0 thing was just because it rhymed. But Maj is (was yesterday) 3 months old! Could you please slow down a little?

As usual, a monthly review of parenthood and the little guy, version 3.0.

What’s old? We are still screaming, so all that “colic gets better after 3 months” thing, it’s a lie. There are days when he doesn’t scream at all and you already think that it’s getting better, but the next day we’re screaming more than ever…

What else? Let’s see, he is still cute as hell, his diapers still stink (dooh) and he still argues with moms boobs a lot.

Something new? He started responding to his surroundings. He is really curious, looking around all the time (TV is really interesting already), he responds to touches like tickling, we even have a “game” where I tap with my finger on his lips and make funny noises and he laughs along. It’s awesome, after two months of sleeping, eating and pooping, he is becoming more and more interesting.

Santa Clause (well, we, I mean T.) brought him a playing mat (picture) that has all that animals hanging from like an arch thing and the animals are making noises and moving and he loves it! He lies there observing even though they are make the same thing over and over again. Interesting creatures these babies…

Speaking about Christmas presents, I know I didn’t post anything since Christmas(?!?) and it probably doesn’t make sense to write about it now, like 3 weeks later so just a quick review. Maj slept through whole Christmas dinner, we kind off forgot to open his present the next morning (bad parents)… It’s ok, he didn’t notice 😀

Then the New Year came, we first though about staying at home, little baby and all that, but in the end, we decided to go to a friend’s house party. Guess what, he was the youngest guest there! He didn’t mind the loud music and loud people there and slept through almost the whole night. Next year we’re popping kids champagne!

Here’s a fun fact, well fun for me and a little less for T., we have the baby crib next to our bed and when I work next day T. sleeps next to it and when I’m off next day I sleep next to it. Well, every time when I sleep next to him, he sleeps through the whole night. We made a record last weekend, sleeping 7.5 and 8.5 hours (Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday). What’s the fun part? Every time T. sleeps next to him, he wakes up at least once per night, twice if she is really unlucky.

We were supposed to go to the doctor today to get “shoots” against certain diseases but Maj’s doctor got sick and it got postponed. T. was online a lot again and read all about the problems with Vaccines and got really scared about it and then she got me scared and… What is your opinion about vaccinations? Did you get your kid “shoot”? Is it a “must” in your country? I know that it’s not in some, like Austria for example. I would really like to hear your thoughts and experiences about it.

I think that’s about it. Kid is growing fast, we already have second bag of clothes that he outgrew. Truth to be told, we bought to much clothes, some of them he didn’t even wear once. Maybe I’ll write about that in the next post? For now a friendly advice, don’t buy too much clothes. They grow too fast!

Babies age: 3 months + 1 day




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