New Year Resolutions and stuff

It’s 2017!

Congratulations, if you are reading this, it means you survived another year. Many famous people didn’t and some are calling 2016 the worst year ever. I think people who lived in times of Plaques, wars, etc. wouldn’t agree, but that’s just my opinion…

Personally? 2016 was the best year of my life. That’s it. It can’t get any better. I’ll live for another 50-60 years (maybe, fingers crossed), but the best year of my life is already behind me.

It started with a trip to Amsterdam, where we got engaged and made a baby, T getting promoted, buying a “seaside resort” (ok, camping trailer), road trip to Montenegro, me getting promoted and in the end finally getting Maj. I mean, just getting a kid probably means the best year by itself, but for me and T so many stuff happened that we’re probably still processing (especially with wedding thing, we still didn’t do any planning).

So yeah, didn’t start this blog to write about my year, it just felt like a good intro.

New Year resolutions… You probably have at least one? Right? Everyone has them, some reply every year like lose weight, quite smoking, bla bla bla…

I made mine in November already. Well Movember actually. If you read the blog back then, I mentioned that I kind of neglected sports in the last year. I always liked sports. Liked watching it, liked playing it. I played basketball and volleyball in school, football (soccer if you’re weird) in my free time when I was young, even got two medals at football.

But other than that, I never had any big achievements at sports. I still think if I would stick to one sport, I could probably play at a professional or at least semi-professional level. Who knows, maybe I would be playing with Messi right now if I would stick to something. I didn’t. Everything was fun for a year or two and that’s it.

Well in Movember I decided to start running and as always, deep down, I thought it’s going to be one of that come and go things. But November was over and I was still running. Now December is over and I’m still running. What’s more impressive? It’s January 1st and I already did my first run of the year. Oh yeah, and my longest ever also.

I was in terrible shape two months ago, on my first run I just managed a 1 km before i had to slow down and walk in-between. I finished that “run” with 2.14km with a really slow pace (6.46 per km).

And today? I ran over 7km, no stopping, no walking, just running all the time with a solid 5.58 per km pace.

So what was my November New Year resolution? Somewhere around my fifth or sixth run I decided I want to achieve something. I want to start something and finish it properly. I’m 27 at the moment, little more than a month till I’m 28 and I want to run a marathon till I’m 30. Probably not so hard(?) Well, New York City marathon if possible.

I was never a runner, I never stuck to something (ok I did to T) and when something got though I had a tendency to quit. I was a quitter. I don’t want to be anymore. And with putting that out on the blog, it’s going to be an extra motivation.

That’s it, that’s my “New Year’s” resolution, didn’t give myself any other promises because I hope other things will come along by itself (healthy eating, losing weight…).

And you? Any New Year resolutions? Is it hard to run a marathon?

Oh, Happy New Year, I wish you all the happiness, health, money, everything you ever wished for. Of course if you continue reading my blog, your chances of that will greatly improve. No? It was worth a try.

Babies age: Almost 11 weeks? I think… Whatever it is, it’s happening to fast.

Side note: I know, another not baby related post… I promise that the couple of next ones will be about Maj. He did have his first Christmas and New Year’s after all.


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