Yes, Zagreb, yes!

We made it to Zagreb!

After almost 28 years, after visiting like half of the European capital cities and after being in Croatia two to three times every year and driving past it every single time, we finally found the highway exit to Zagreb. City that is only 100km away from where we live. Little sad right?

I guess we just left the good (I won’t say the best because you can’t beat London, New York and Amsterdam) for the end. But what end? Well, there is a reason this blog is in “Not Baby Related Stuff” category. We went to Zagreb like in old days, alone. Maj spent the day at grandparents and maybe this was our last trip alone. We kind of got used to exploring new places alone, just us two and who knows when we will do it again. I’m not said about it, just a little nostalgic. Pretty excited about traveling with Maj actually.

Ok, so, Zagreb, crowned as the best Christmas capital in Europe for second (?) year in a row and that with a reason. It’s simply f*****g AMAZING. I’m not even exaggerating. If someone says something else send them to Ljubljana… They will probably like it there.


Don’t really know where to start “the tour”. For starters, I’m the person who is always prepared, especially when travelling. I always look up everything, where to go, which tube (or whatever) to take, when, how much will it cost. I look up everything on Google maps and when we are there, I have all the maps and routs in my head. Usually… Not this time. The only thing I looked up this time was where to park the car and even that almost didn’t work.

We went where iPhone took us and where the people went. Don’t know many names of the thing we saw (I could Google it but l’m too lazy at the moment), so the next couple of lines are just a brief description of things to see.

Let’s start with an awesome big Ice Park where you can Ice skate in front of an nice looking old building (we didn’t but we could). On the other side, there is the main (?) train station so you can jump from a train directly on ice, sort of. The ice rink is the end of a long park with a lot of wooden cabins where you can get something to eat, drink (Hot Chocolate with Jack Daniels anyone?) or buy some souvenirs.


Going North, you come to Zagreb main square “Trg bana Josipa Jelačiča” (knew that one, didn’t Google it) where you can find a big Christmas tree, biggest Advent Wreath (thank you Google translate) and again, a lot of wooden cabins going into an alley.

If you continue North right past Müller store, little uphill, you’ll get to Zagreb Cathedral, really fascinating building which, as all the historical buildings when we travel, is currently being “refurbished”. Right next to it you can see live nativity scene, well at least if you’re on time. We weren’t but we still saw a donkey…

What’s also worth visiting is the old part of city, little uphill with a nice view over Zagreb. Underneath is a tunnel “Grič”, wonderfully decorated and made to look like North Pole or something cold.

I know, not really In-depth travel blog, but I hope you get the big picture. It really is a wonderful city to visit, at least in Christmas time (wasn’t there any other time yet so I can’t say anything about that). Definitely a better option then Ljubljana if you’re deciding between these two.

Even though Christmas is behind us, you can still see Zagreb in full Festive spirit until January 8th so you still have time to visit. I’m sure we’re going to be back one year, next time also with Maj.


How about you? Did you visit any Christmas fairs? Been to Zagreb? Did you like it or is there someplace better? Tell me in comment, we need destination for next year.

Babies age: 10 weeks

*Side note #1: Zagreb is also an awesome city for Pokemon Go players. Can’t believe how lame Maribor is in comparison…

*Side note #2: Wtf Apple?!? I always liked you, always defended you but wtf is wrong with iPhone in – degrees?!? Was playing Pokemon and the battery was empty in an hour. Really disappointed. Lucky for you that I can’t stand Androids operating system…

*Side note #3: You may have noticed that I didn’t like Ljubljana much… You can read why right here.



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