2 months!

Maj turned 2 months yesterday! Happy birthd…

That reminded me about that:


That’s not how birthdays work, but as a fresh parent, I kind off understand. I mean, I and T celebrated every month of our relationship for the first year (it gets really confusing after 6-7 years…), we “celebrated” every month of having a dog and so on and so on. We didn’t really celebrate yesterday since I was at work and came home at 7ish (working in retail before Christmas, fun) but I probably did say happy birthday…

So, yeah, Maj was 2 months old yesterday and he is still in one piece, no injuries or nothing. Good job Mom and Dad! Well, we managed to get him sick (it was my fault) so no perfect score for first 2 months, but I would give us a solid B+?

Talking about baby being sick (having a cold, virus or whatever it was), you can’t do anything about it. Actually, yes you can. You can torture your kid with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning his nose with a household appliance is the only thing you can do. Ok, you can use that air sucking thing that doesn’t work… Or maybe that thing where you suck the air with your mouth. I know, nice, not. In the end, although it sounds really scary, vacuum cleaner is the best way to go. You just have to have one where you can manipulate sucking power. Imagine vacuuming with full power, jikes.

What changed since my last “review”? He got louder! A lot louder. He also has enough stamina to scream for hours and hours. Maj has colic, “Colic is uncontrollable crying in an otherwise healthy baby”, yep, uncontrollable crying, sometimes for hours. It goes away with time, hopefully the times will come sooner than later.

“I know this sentences will come and hunt me some day”, I wrote this in my First Impression post and it did. Sleepless nights? Check. Pee on the bed? Yes, plus poop too (still not on the wall or car though). Alarm clock for feeding? Not anymore.

That early release video game that I gave 9/10 went beast mode on us. It’s like it needs some updates, add ons or DLC (I sound like such a game freak, but only game I play is Pokemon GO). Would I change the grade? Yes, I would give him 10/10. He’s my boy and I love him every day more. All the crying, all the sleepless nights, all the poop that escaped the diaper, I wouldn’t give that away for anything in the world. Well poop could stay in diaper…

Having another baby on the other hand is a big NO at the moment.

In the other news, we (we = Maj) outgrew first set of clothes, which was fast. I mean, he had some of them on for like one time. Maj grew 8cm in 2 months, gained more than 2kg (fatty) and he looks more like me every day. It’s not just that people that know us say it, even strangers in shopping center say it. It’s weird, I still can’t see any resemblance.

Christmas is coming up! Are you excited? I know I am. If I don’t post until then, Merry Christmas!

Babies age: 2months + 1day


*Side note: I screwed up the name of the Blog. Since Maj is pronounced like “my”, the blog should actually be called Maj perspective. See what I did there, a little word/letter play… Have to think about changing the name.


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