This is going to be a little shorter blog post with more pictures!

Remember when I posted here that we went on a photoshoot with Maj couple of weeks ago?

Well, the photos are here!!!

I didn’t start this topic to brag about how awesomely sweet he is. Cause, well, he is.

I wrote this post to say thanks again to two wonderful people who made this photos. You need a lot of patience and must really love your work to make baby photos. Danijela and Grega from Zcukr definitely do. Photoshoot took like 3 hours and they stayed calm when Maj was screaming, peeing,… Even I wasn’t so calm and I’m kind of used to it by now. They fulfilled all our wishes (well, T’s wishes) and the end result is just amazing!

So if you live in Maribor, near Maribor or don’t mind driving to Maribor to get really amazing photos, check them out on their website of facebook.





Babies age: 8 weeks, tomorrow 🙂

P.S.: Danijela and Grega, keep your calendar free on 24th June next year maybe (?), if we somehow do start to plan our wedding? We need more awesome photos!


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