Getting into Christmas spirit

Double post Sunday! It won’t happen again probably.

It’s Sunday and we (yes, all 4 of us, including the dog) are a little sick, so I had a little more time for the blog. First one was done fast, it’s more photos than writing, and the second one, so this one, I started on Monday already but didn’t finish until now.

So the draft tittle of this post was “#zelenojegrdo”. If you don’t understand Slovenian, you probably have no idea what that means. Translated it would be “green is ugly” and it’s a popular hashtag here in Maribor for everything Ljubljana related. There is a big rivalry between Maribor and Ljubljana, especially in football, and since their colour is green, we don’t like that colour.

So what does this have to do with anything?

We took Maj on his first city sightseeing to our “beloved” capital. We had tickets for wedding fair (yes we want to get married next June, but we still didn’t start planning anything) and paired it with the Christmas market, Christmas lights and stuff.

So here it is, my first honest “travel” review.

We wanted to visit Ljubljana in Christmas time for a few years now, since everyone was always saying how beautiful it is. We finally made it this year and weren’t impressed. There sure are a lot of lights but it looks ugly. It looks like gypsy town… Everyone has its own opinion, but I like our dull decorated Maribor more.


Maj slept through almost the whole day. It’s probably nice being in warm winter bag, being driven around for a whole day. Can I get some of that maybe?

We discovered a new problem. In the past, on our travels, we were always searching for toilets and coffee for T. Today we searched for diapers changing places. If anyone knows any place where a tourist can change babies diapers, not just in Ljubljana but anywhere in the world, please comment. Is there an app for that?

But all in all, go visit Ljubljana, maybe you will like it. Don’t know why, but maybe you will. One thing I can recommend is trying out “Kaiserschmarren” (not sure if that’s the correct English term but google translate said so) at one of the stand next to the three bridges in center. It’s good! Oh, and the castle. Castle up on the hill overlooking the whole city is good too, we made a cool selfie there.

So, yeah, not really a good advert for Ljubljana here. Sorry. But all other parts of Slovenia are really nice, I swear.

As for travelling with baby, except for changing the diaper and feeding, it’s actually really nice. You have more storage facilities (stroller) for camera and other stuff and you can even use the stroller for a selfie stand, free tip, you’re welcome. Stroller can also be a small problem when reaching higher places, especially when there is no elevator. We had to leave it at the castle information so we could make a selfie on a castle wall. We know that now for next time.

We still want to visit Zagreb before Christmas and have big expectations for it. Don’t let us down like Ljubljana did, please… Maybe we’ll just take the baby carrier thing and leave stroller at home, or just avoid high places.

Babies age: 8 weeks, tomorrow 🙂


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