When she is not she, but he?!?

Confused about the tittle? I would be too. I am…

This is a blog post about how… Wait, did I mention in any of previous posts what’s my son’s name? Wow, I think I missed that. Awkward. So yeah, this is a post about how Maj got his name.

If you read the post titled ”It’s here” and watched the YouTube video in it, you probably know we ”made” Maj in Amsterdam. But when we found out that ”we” are pregnant Maj wasn’t Maj. He wasn’t even a he back then. We just decided it’s going to be a girl. We had so many girls’ names that we liked and none for boys, so we just kind of decided that is going to be a girl.

We had a perfect name for her for a month or two. Mia. If you use the letters in MIA as initials, you can use that initials as Made in Amsterdam. I know, amazing. We liked the name before but after I figured that out it was like BAM, perfection. It was meant to be. Just that, mmm, it wasn’t.

We went for a check-up at 13 weeks of pregnancy and doctor spotted a ”gun” between his legs. He literally used the word gun. And that was the day Mia became an unnamed baby with a gun.

It’s really hard to pick a name, but we somehow managed to choose one for a girl. When we started to search for boys names it was terrible. Everything I liked, and that were just two or three names, T. didn’t, and everything T. liked was, well, lame.

So in the end it somehow came down to two names. T. Choose one and I did the other one. T. won, and I’m not even a little mad about it. If my pick would have won, we would have a little Liam right now and I found out that’s a member of One Direction or something? Good save…

I’ve used #littleM for the first time on Instagram on August 5th, but I’m pretty sure we decided on that name a month or two before. I used this hashtag because my last name also starts with letter M and it would maybe confuse people. Yes we kept it a secret until the end. Some still somehow knew it before…

Short fact: Maj is also the name for month of May in Slovenian, which is also the month in which T. was born, and you pronounce it like you would say the word ”My”.

Extra short fact: Majs’ birthday is October 17th which is the same as Eminem or Marshall Mathers or M&M and Maj is also M&M. Mindblown?

Babies age: 6 weeks


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