Oh nooo…

So this blog is and will mostly be baby related. Getting a baby was the reason I started it and I plan to keep it that way. But from time to time, something comes up that I want to share with you, tell my opinion or whatever… I already have something big, lets say a big challenge planed that I want to share, but since I didn’t write that much about baby lately, I want to do more of that before.

But something came up today and I need to express my feelings. I and T started to watch one Youtubers vlogs 18 months ago. He just got a baby back than and he did cool stuff and it was fun to watch.

Yes, I’m talking about Casey Neistat. If you don’t know him, check his YouTube channel. Well, Casey posted his last Vlog today, decided to stop vlogging. Even though I understand his reason, I still feel a little sad about it.

Why I’m writing about some vlogger you ask? Casey was like an inspiration to start this blog. I wanted to do vlogs, but my life just isn’t so action packed as his and it would probably get lost in millions of other vlogs. That’s why I decided to stick with what I already knew how to do. Blogging.

Casey’s last vlog motivated me do “DO MORE” (Casey’s moto) and that’s what I will do. So expect more posts on both of my blogs and who knows, maybe even a vlog someday? Certainly not daily but maybe an occasional when something interesting is happening? Who knows, we’ll see.

Casey Neistat, thank you for your vlogs, you’re an inspiration and good luck with everything you’ll do in future. Can’t wait for your new uploads.

Babies age: 5weeks (tomorrow)



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