1 month!

Happy 1 month my buddy!

I can’t believe it, it’s been a month already. That also means one month since I had a proper sleep for the last time. Oh well…

It’s time to write about something I’ve been postponing for the last month now, the labor. Here goes…

Why did I needed so long to start this post? For starters, I didn’t know how much I should or shouldn’t write about it. It was a really emotional, personal day, or the whole week before and after. There was probably one of the worst moments of my life and there was also one, if not the best moment of my life. I really thought about it and decided to just leave all the details about the bad stuff and focus on the good. Who wants to read about the bad stuff anyways right?

A week before birth, T got really bad migraines with some other symptoms, we went on a regular check up on Thursday where we asked about the migraines and they kept her in. Bla bla bla, head MRI, bad stuff, bla bla bla… Doctors decided they can’t risk with natural birth and said we’re gonna have a C-section. F***. It sucked when T had an opration few years ago. I would give anything, let them do brain surgery on me if needed even, just so they wouldn’t have to do anything to T… But brain surgery wasn’t the solution this time.

Saturday came, the doctors said she can go home after we set the date of the “birth”. Imagine that, we were able to choose when our baby will be born. Kind of cool. I came to the hospital, T had one last CTG and the doctor came. She started explaining stuff and said that it’s a beautiful and calm day and that we could do it today. Wait! What? Like today, today?

We said no, we needed time, like a last day for ourselves. Really the last day since we set the date for Monday.

We love photography, whenever we travel we make a million photos, we have a million photos of our dog, of us… We had maybe 10 (it was a little more but still) photos from pregnancy. We spent the whole Sunday making photos. We were together, we spent our last day together, no work no nothing. It was a great day.

Monday. We needed to be in the hospital at 7AM and with an hour drive that meant we had to wake up at 5… We were probably both scared. I know I was. A lot. I have a tendency not to trust hospitals. No bad personal experience or something, I just don’t trust them. We didn’t want the C-section, we were prepared for a natural birth. You can’t have everything I guess.

We came in, they started preparing T, took her in OR an hour later. I was left alone, they brought me full doctors suit. Pants, shirt, hat, mouth protector, gloves. Everything in ugly green colour. I’m from Maribor and our fierce football rivals (they suck) have green jerseys so I kind of dislike colour green. I made an “Instagram stories selfie” which I forgot to save later but I was unrecognizable. T said she had to look twice when I came into OR. So, there I was, all dressed in green and 20 minutes later they called me in. Everything went really fast. It was maybe a minute, minute and a half, than the doctor pulled the baby out showed him to us and gave him to a nurse. We went to a table nearby where I cut the umbilical cord, they gave him a little towel swipe and straight to mommy. It was the strangest of all the happy moments in my life. T was still cut open (thank god we didn’t see from her chest down) but we were both crying. It were the tears of joy.

Nurse took me and the baby away again, leaving T with the doctors to patch her up. The nurse weighted him, measured him and made a foot print.

Then she left us two all alone. Just me and my son. I have a son.

There you have it. If I ever lose my memory, that is how I want to remember it, with bad stuff as a small side story, a little twist in a movie.

Wow even though it’s been a month, I can still remember it as it would be yesterday or today even. It’s just one of those days that will never go away and that’s how it should be.

Babies age: 1 month

*Side note #1: Did you read my Movember post? Did you donate? I don’t think so… It’s for a good cause and I will appreciate every penny.

*Side note #2: The photo is from a yesterdays photoshoot. It’s just a snap we made with our phone. The real photos from Zcukr (check them out) are comming soon. They are good!






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